Camilia and Kaitlyn

Camilia is that girl. The one who is friends with all the nerds. She's the one who is captain of every science olympiad, quiz teams, and math teams, the ultimate nerd, geek, dork, and hardcore gamer. And you would NEVER guess her best friend... Her twin sister Kaitlyn... Now Kaitlyn is a completely different story. She's the one everyone wants to be friends with, the Gorgeous popular one, that has every guy falling to her feet..... There will be drama. There will be hearts broken. Find out more in Camilia and Kaitlyn. (The amazing cover is by @MahoganyPumpkin!)


3. Camilia

  "Math has 5 more minutes" I thought as the teacher continued on his classic first day of school lecture. I was inturupted by my thoughts as my phone vibrated in my pocket I took it out and saw the new text symbol. Kaitlyn texted me and said that i have to ride with Alex, so I texted him to tell him.

    When the class ended I went to my locker to find Alex waiting for me. His almost Black hair was in his normal Quiff, he had on nerd glasses, converse, dark jeans, and a black t shirt with a grey jacket. "Hey!' i said as i aprotched him "Ready to go?"

     "Cam, we still have six classes..." he replied.

      "Oh, come on! We don't learn much on the first day,and if we did i am sure we would already know it!" he gave me a quirky smile,picked me up put me on his back, and ran to his car as fast as he could while i just sat there laughing.

     When we go there he put me in the shotgun seat and got in. "We have all day" he said "Where to?"

     "Ummm..." I answered "Walmart!" he gave me a wiered look and started driving. "Do you want to go to my house after?" I asked Alex.

    He big, manly, Alex BLUSHED and answered "Sure!" When we got to Walmart i grabbed one of the buggys little kids sit in and pointed alex to it "No way!" he laughed I nodded and he nodded no in reply as he walked over too me. he picked me up and put me in the buggy. I laughed and said

   "Alex, No," I tried to climb out but him being 5 times stronger then me, put me back in.

     "What do you need to get?" he asked.

     "Ice cream!" I answered. He laughed and went that way.

      When we got there he said "Which one?"

     I pointed then said "Three of those please."

      He got them and said, "Anything else?" I nodded no and got out my wallet on the way to the Cashier. He took my wallet and put it in his pocket.

       "Hey!" i said "I have to pay!"

       "No you don't!" he said trying to copy my tone. I groaned as we got to the Cashier.

     He pulled  ot his wallet and paid, right before we left the Cashier said quietly while pointing at me "Is that your daughter?" We looked at eachother and burst out laughing.

    Alex answered "No just a friend." as he pushed the buggy out of the store, we got to the car and he helped me out.

   I held out my hand and he gave me a high five , "No, idiot! My wallet!" I said as he smiled and gave me it. We got in the car and he drove to my house. When we got there I walked in and saw Kaitlyn asleep on the couch. I put the ice cream in the fridge and me and alex went to my room. We got there and before either one of us could say anything I poked him in the stomach and 20 minutes later it was a full on poke war! Finally I said "I give up."

    He answered "Want to watch a movie?"  I nodded and we sat down on my bed.

   "What movie?" I asked.

    He shruged his sholders and said "But before... I have been thinking about this for a long time. Cam, will you please be my girlfriend?" I nodded and hugged him. He put on some movie I have never heard of, and sat in a chair by my bed he motioned me towards him and I came. He pulled me onto his lap and wraped his arms around me, as I layed my head on his chest.

   About half way into the movie his hand brushed against my side and I jerked "Camilia Rose Williams," he said, "I have known you my whole life. How did I never find out that you are ticklish?" I shruged my shoulders and ran.

   I came into the living room and Kaitlyn was on the floor crying.

    I went back to my room and said "Alex, come with me." he followed me and when he saw Kaitlyn he ran to her.

   I went into the kitchen and got all of the ice cream and three spoons. I came back to the living room, gave both of them a pint of ice cream, and said "Now, whats wrong?"

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