Ella Potter *Harry Potter Fanfiction*

This story is about Harry and Ginnys daughter, Ella. In this story you will follow around Ella and see what it's like to live her life. Also in this story, what will happen when Ella falls in love with one of Tom Riddles sons? READ TO FIND OUT!


2. Hogwarts express

Ella was boarding the train with her sister, Lilly, when they were rudely interrupted by James. Ella had to admit, she felt sorry for James, since Lilly always turned him down.  Lately, he had just stopped caring. "Hey, Lilly? Can I ask you something?" James said while smiling slightly at Ella. Lilly looked over at her sister then back at James, "Yeah. Sure." Was all she said. Ella walked away and sat down in one of the compartments to give them a little privacy. Snape was the first to notice her sitting alone and walked over to her. "Hello there Ella, I see Lilly is talking with that James freak again." He said while sitting beside her. Ella looked over in her sisters direction, it looked like whatever James was saying was working. "Yeah, I hope he just doesn't breck her heart." She said simply turning away and looking out the window. About at the same time Sirius came with Lilly to sit with them. "Welcome back Lilly, Sirius." Snape said while Ella remained quiet. About half way through the train ride they all got up and changed into their Hogwarts robes. After everyone was changed it was time to get off and board the boats. Lilly was with James and Snape was with Ella and Sirius. James and Lilly were flirting as the boats pulled up to Hogwarts and Ella climbed out and waved goodbye to Snape and Sirius. She went to go join her sister with James. They all walked into the Hogwarts doors. "Wow, it's been forever since I've been here!" Ella whispered to her sister "Well, I wouldn't call it forever..." James jumped in laughing lightly as they stopped in front of Professor Dumbledore. Everyone grew completely quiet as they waited on the first yearers to be sorted. When all the sorting was done the Slytherins had two new people and the Gryffindor' s had ten. 

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