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Louella was the school's biggest nerd when she was 14. She was always picked on, but by four guys perticularly. Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford. She has to move to America because her parents split up and she's forced to go with her father.. She's gone for four years, but when she comes back she's different. While she was away she found some friends that helped her with style addvice. The guys, beside Calum try to make it up to her in anyway possible, but she doesn't know how to trust them after everything they put her through. In the meantime her and Calum are always bickering and arguing.


1. Intro

Four Years Ago


      “Hey loser,” he said pushing her into the locker.

      This kind of thing happened daily. She was picked on because she was different. They called her a nerd, and a loser. She never really understood why they did that to her, but they did. But there were four guys that were worse than everyone else. But the worse one out of them was Calum. She didn’t know what she did to deserve this.

      The voice that haunted her dreams was always with her. Everything he said stuck with her. She knew she shouldn’t let some boy get to her, but he did. Only he did. Everything his said stung a little more than what everyone else said.

      “Loser,” some said as they walked by, shoving her a little.

      She stumbled a bit, but regained her balance.

      Being only 14 years old, she wasn’t too concerned with what everyone thought.

      “Hey nerd,” that voice stuck out in the crowd.

      She turned to see that face that she’s feared for a year.

      “W-what?” She asked nervously.

      “Did you get my homework done last night?”

      Her eyes closed as she realized she has forgotten to.

      “N-no,” she said just above a whisper.

      She felt a stinging in her cheek. She was shocked as she realized he had just slapped her. He had never gotten physical before. Before she could respond the final bell rang and she ran out the door all the way home. As she entered the house, tears streaming down her face, she noticed that her parents were arguing.

      “What’s going on?” He asked wiping her eyes.

      “What happened to you Ella?”

      “It’s doesn’t matter, can I please know what’s going on?” She looked between her parents.

      “Ella, I’m sorry, but your father and I are getting a divorce,” Her mother said.

      She couldn’t control the tears that were once again flowing from her eyes, “W-what,” She sobbed.

      “I’m sorry sweet, and your father and I decided it would be best if you went to live with him in America,”

      The tears were cascading down as she held in the sobs. Her world was tumbling down. She fell to her knees. Her mother helped her up and walked her up the stairs. Her mother held her as she cried.

      “I don’t want to leave you mum,” she cried harder, if  that was even possible at this point.

      “Come on, let’s get you packed up, you get to explore America, make new friends. Promise me you’ll have fun,” Her mother said squeezing her hands tightly.

      “I’m going to miss you so much mum, I’m coming back as soon as I turn eighteen,”

      Her mother nodded, as she started crying.

      That was the last time she would see her mother for four years. Her father took to a hotel as they were to fly to America the next day.


      She stepped off the plane, and adjusted her glasses. She wanted to cry again, she wasn’t going to see her mother for four years. Everything happened so fast. She didn’t even get to choose who she wanted to go with.

      Her father dragged her bag along as they made their way to the car rental place. She didn’t want to be there. She wanted to be home in Australia, even if it meant dealing with bullies day after day.

      She pulled up to the house, that would soon become her home. She promised her mum that she would have fun and make new friends, but she knew that it would be just like her old school.

      She walked into the house, and up to what was her room. It was a huge room, painted purple, her favourite colour. She plopped down onto the bed, the only thing that was in the room.


      The next day she was woken up by her father. She had to started school, and that was her biggest fear of moving. The new kids always get picked on.

      She walked through the big doors of the huge school. She figured that the schools in California would be big, but not this big. As she was walking she bumped into someone. She looked up to see a popular looking girl standing there.

      She expected to get yelled at, or even hit. But the girl helped her up and made sure she was okay.

      “Are you okay, I’m Ashley by the way,” She asked smiling.

      She returned the smile, “Yeah I’m fine, I’m Louella,”

      “ooh, that’s a pretty name. Are you from Australia?”

      “Yeah, I just moved here yesterday,”

      “Well, you should sit by me and my friends at lunch,”

      She nodded and smiled. She had just made her first friend since she was seven. Lunch was the most fun she had, had in years. They were so funny, and they made her feel welcome.

      “So, what was your other school like?”

      “Horrible, I was picked on because I’m different. And to be honest I could use new wardrobe,”

      “Oh that stink, well we could go shopping, and we could give you a makeover if you want,”

      “You would do that?”

      “Yeah, anything for a friend,” the word friend made her smile.


      She placed her contacts in after her friends had finished her makeup. She was turned around in the chair to face the mirror. She almost didn’t recognize herself. She thought she looked beautiful.

      Maybe life here wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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