Living in My Faction. {Divergent: No war

I thought the name would be pretty obvious, but idk maybe not. If your as screwed up as I am it's not. • • • • • Tris has made it past initiation and the war was stifled. Her life is almost perfect now. She has Four and she has her friends. She is even training initiates with Four/Tobias. But what happens when Tris' worst enemy's are after her? What happens when Tris is trying her hardest to get over her fear of intimacy but just can't from being traumatized? • • • • • #Fourtris #everyoneisstillalive #ExceptAl #CassidyBrooke #idkwhatelsetoput #RatedT


2. chapter 2/prologue

Okay. So sorry but I forgot to mention that the first couple of chapters are a prologue thing. I didn't want to wait a whole year for them to start there jobs and stuff. So- and this was the best I could do- I made the first chapters a prologue. I just wanted to write both parts. Anyways, here's chapter three.

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Chapter 2 prolouge

* * Tris' POV* *

We are about to walk into the cafeteria

when Tobias picks me up and throws me over his shoulder at the door and carries me in. I start pounding on his back with my fist as he carries me in. "Four! Four, put me down!" I yell at him. "Four! Your being a jackass! Put me down!"

"hmmm. . . How about. . ." I feel a slight shred of hope well up in my stomach. " no."

"Four! People are staring!" I can feel there eyes turning our way! I drop my voice to a whisper. "Tobias, there going to find our about us. We're acting to. . . Boyfriend/ Girlfriend."

"You think so, Tris? I'll put you down if you promise to tell the rest of the group soon. " he says cunningly

I consider this. Well I have to tell them anyway. That or they will find out. And I don't want them to walk in on us making out and that be how they find out.

"What if I promised to go get you dauntless cake?"

"I can get my own dauntless cake. Well maybe not. How much do you way, Tris? 1000 lbs?!" He says using an very unconvincing act like he is about to fall because I'm weighing him down.

"115 lbs. I actually weighed myself yesterday. I guess I gained an ounce or two after I ate half that muffin you gave me, which , by the way, you made me drop." I say loud enough for everyone to hear, now that the cafeteria is quiet and staring at us. Every one laughs.

"Alright, six. I'll put you down if you do our little deal." He whisper-yells to me. I can hear people chuckling.

"I like the name, four. Numbers. How fascinating. Alright, I'll do it if you put me down."


"Today. I promise."

"Okay Trissy." He puts me down. "Want another muffin since you dropped yours. Yes. Great. I don't wanna be around a pissed off Trissy." He gets out then automatically walks off toward the muffin rack.

I pump my fit in the air. "Don't call me that! Your gonna pay for that, Four." I drop now to a loud whisper so everyone else can hear. " Wow, what an ass." Burst of laughter. I head over to our table and sit down.

"I heard that, Trissy!" Tobias smirks.

"DONT CALL ME THAT FOUR!" I yell at him.

Everyone laughs and goes back to talking among themselves. Obviously seeing the show is over. I look at my friends: Marlene, Shauna, Christina , Uriah, Zeke, and Will are all here. There mouths are wide opened and they have looks of astonishment on there faces.

"We're really close friends, now." I assure them. "Don't you ever become friends with someone a little older?"

"Not our instructors." Christina remarks. I give her a death glare, clearly meaning 'shut up'.

Then Tobias comes and sits beside me, taking my hand under the table. I can't help but smile. He sat beside me rather than his best friend, Zeke. "Our agreement. I let you down. You tell them. "He says handing me a muffin. I set it on the table.

"You never stated when, you only said soon." I say to him in return.

"Tell us what?" It's Zeke.

"I'll tell you when I'm ready to tell you guys." I say to them all.

Will butts in, "What? That you and four are to-"

"Shut up!" I throw myself across the table and put my hand over his mouth so he can't finish. "I don't want them to know yet. Only reason you two know is because you saw it!"

"Gosh, stop being a pancycake, Tris, and tell us!" I'm still giving Will a death glare, but I know that can only be Uriah.

"No," I fall back into my seat beside Tobias and look at him. "Are you ready to go?"

"Yea. If you are." He says looking at me.

"Yea. This muffin has a bullet in it." I say- I can see tobias messing with his gun and I pretend I don't know it was him- handing it to Marlene, who hasn't talked since I sat down. Her and Shauna were talking I'm sure. I stand up and start to walk out. I watch Tobias come after me.

"When are you going to tell them, then?" He starts.

"Lunch. But I'm not going to tell them. That's to difficult. We have to get there early." I say as I turn a corner and press my hand to the stone wall.

"Okay. Sure. Have you decided your job yet? You only have two more days."

"Actually no. Well, I know I want to train the transfers with you. I want to be as close to you as possible while I'm working." I say, lost in my thought.

"Isn't it a shame it's only part time." He says grabbing my waist and pushing me lightly on the wall. "We can be close other times to. Can't we?" I just smile and laugh because I know what he means; I know where this is going.

"Just kiss me, you tease." I say to him.

"Okay." He moves his lips toward mine and I open my mouth in anticipation. Then, he drops low and begins kissing my tattooed ravens.

"Tobias." I moan, a little angry. I wrap my arms around his neck and he looks up at me, smiling. I let our lips touch and feel electricity surge through me. His lips are smooth against mine and move slowly across my lips. The kiss starts as passionate, but turns into a hungry one. He lift me up and I rest my legs on his hips. I feel him run his hands on my inner thigh and gasp.

"Tobias!" I yell. "No. No I'm not ready for that."

He immediately stops but keeps his hands there so I don't fall. "Sorry, Tris. We don't have to do that. And I wouldn't make you do it unless you wanted to." I just nod.

I kiss him and when we pull back this time I put my fore-head against his. "Thank you. Can we go? I have to unpack my apartment."

He puts me down. "Actually tris. I was wondering. Do you want to move in with me? We have the same apartment." He rubs the back of his neck and looks down, red running into his cheeks.

"Of course, Tobias. I would love to. It's actually kinda a relief. I didn't want to live alone."

"Really! That's great. Why don't you go back to my- our apartment and I will go get your stuff from the old one."

"Okay. Lets swap keys." I give him my keys and he gives me his.

Then I hug him and tell him bye and to be safe and head to his apartment. Once I'm there I start to unpack my stuff. I change into some black jogging pants and a black v neck shirt and Tobias walks through the door as soon as I pull my shirt down.

"Hey. Do you mind if I take a shower? I didn't get to take one this morning " he drops my stuff and looks at me incredulously.

"I don't care what you do, Trissy. This is your compartment now just as much as it is mine." He says to me chuckling.

"Thank you, Toby." I say wrapping him in a hug; I rest my head on his Chest. When I release I head toward the bathroom and start my steamy shower.

-page break-

Me and Tobias walk hand in hand towards the cafeteria for lunch with 15 mins to spare. Once where in there I lean against the wall beside our table. I see Tobias look at his watch.

"15 minutes early to lunch, Tris. Nobody's here. Why did you wanna come early?" He asked impatient.

"I wanted you to be able to get the first piece of dauntless cake this time. You always get the last piece."

"We might have came a little to early."

"I can make up for that." I say standing up on my tip-toe, I press my hands to his chest, and kiss him. It takes him a couple of minutes to respond to the kiss. He grips my waist and gently pushes me against the wall.

I get the feeling that someone is watching us and pull away. Eric, Max, and Tori are all there sniffling a laugh. "Go ahead. Laugh away." I say to them as they burst into a chorus of laughs.

"Isn't he a little old for you, stiff?" I hear Eric say as others fill the room. I take Tobias wrist and look at his hand. We were kissing for ten minutes! I throw it back down and fold my arms across my chest.

"Two years to be exact." I say back to him. "And I'm not a stiff anymore, Eric. Dauntless."

"Oh, that's right. You ranked first." He says venomously, edgeing toward me. "That kiss got a little heated there. I thought it might take you back to your apartment. But that obviously didn't happen. do we still have that last fear to get over, Seven?" I feel Tobias put his hands on my waist, pulling me back. Eric is right up to my ear now and I hear him whisper. "Once a stiff. Always a stiff." Then he laughs and pulls back. I fall back into Tobias and he catches me.

"Let's go get lunch and tell the others." Tobias orders. I walk away from the rest of them with Tobias, catching Max and Tori's encouraging smiles and I know there happy about me and Tobias. Eric, not so much. He has a smug smile on his face. That cant be good; I'll have to watch him.

We get lunch and sit down where everyone in our little group is. I smile at them, because they are all staring at me and Tobias with wide eyes and half open mouths.

Shuana starts, "So when we're you planning to tell us that you guys have spent the last couple of months sucking face?" I stare at her in astonishment.

"Shuana!" I yell at her. "How did you-"

"Don't be silly. The way you two look at each other. Holding hands under the table secretly. You moved out of your apartment today to live with him." I take mine and Tobias' entwined hands and lay them on the table. Everyone just raises there eyebrows. "Your make out sessions in the halls, there not silent. Btw. The walls aren't sound proof." She smirks.

"We actually haven't done. . . That yet. Just a lot of kissing. Which I don't mind" I turn to Tobias and press my lips to his. I hear every one sigh then gag.

"Get a room!" I hear about half of them yell.

"I was going to tell you guys today. That's what our deal was about this morning." I say to them.

"Yep. Do you want me to go get our food or go kill Eric?" He said with a stern look but I know they second option was rhetorical.

"Go get our food, To- Four." I say hugging him. "I think I'm capable of killing him myself."

"I think you are too. But I don't want to miss all the fun." We both laugh and then he leaves to go get our CheeseBurgers.

"Tell. me. everything." Both Christina and Marlene think out loud. I know the rest of them want to know so I tell them about how four took me to the chasm where he first kissed me. Then, we hid it from people so no one would think my score was out of favoritism. I also told them about how four was the one who attacked my attackers that horrible night when al, Peter, and Drew all trying to kill me. I omitted the part about what fears where exactly in his landscape. That wasn't my secret to tell.

"C'mon tris. Tell us what he is scared of! Is it fluffy rabid squirrels?" Christina begged me.

"No, Christina. I can't tell you." I hedged on. "I'd rather tell you one of mine."

"Tell me one then."

"I'm scared of your shopping trips." I lied.

"Humph." She groaned, as Tobias took his seat beside me.

"Someone is a little pissy." Tobias chuckled handing me my cheese burger and pushing the red sauce over to me. "What's your problem, Chris? Angry because Tris got to me before you could?"

"Correction- you got to me. I had nothing to do with it until a little while before that night at the chasm." I corrected him. He pulled me close to him and I rested my head on his chest. I could feel his quiet laughter.


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