Living in My Faction. {Divergent: No war

I thought the name would be pretty obvious, but idk maybe not. If your as screwed up as I am it's not. • • • • • Tris has made it past initiation and the war was stifled. Her life is almost perfect now. She has Four and she has her friends. She is even training initiates with Four/Tobias. But what happens when Tris' worst enemy's are after her? What happens when Tris is trying her hardest to get over her fear of intimacy but just can't from being traumatized? • • • • • #Fourtris #everyoneisstillalive #ExceptAl #CassidyBrooke #idkwhatelsetoput #RatedT


1. Chapter 1/ Prolouge.

Hi guys please enjoy! Every one is still alive. Al is still swimming with the fish, Though. No war. Yada yada yada. I'm not big on these. . . Today. This still needs a bit editing.

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Cassidy Brooke. 💕


Chapter 1/prologue

I shove the black dress Christine wanted me to buy during initiation—I can surprisingly still fit into it even though I have began to fill in a bit—into my duffel bag. That is the last of my stuff, so I zip it closed. I throw it over my shoulder and am surprised its not heavy. I shoved as much of my stuff into this one bag—although I used many others—so I wouldn't have to haul as much down to my new compartment in my new faction.

Then I remember that initiation whipped me into shape. My muscles have grown, making me stronger, and I'm not as childish anymore. Although, I still look like a twelve year old—just. . . really strong.

My mind wonders on about how in less than 10 minutes I will be in what is now my new, permanent home. I will live there forever now. Until I'm old and can't take care of myself, jump on trains, plummet my self off roofs, and dauntless leader—Eric—will kick me out. I can't help but smile at the thought of being dauntless now—no. Official dauntless member now! I have worked so hard for this! I get to stay here with everyone!

Christina, Will, Zeke, Uriah, Marlene, Shauna, Lynn, and Tobias. Tobias. I get to stay here with Tobias. The one true person that, I know for a fact now, I can't live without. After the final ranks went up, Tobias and I kissed in front of Chris and Will. I asked them not to tell anyone. Especially not Peter.

Of course Chris wanted to know everything. When? Where? How? How long? Why? I have been avoiding everybody lately, because quite frankly, I don't want to talk about boys and stuff like that.

I haven't seen Tobias since final ranks and I haven't got to tell him the plans I know about the erudite. But it's been three days and I'm starting to doubt myself. Maybe the attack was subsided. Maybe it was all just a hoax to scare the abnegation. Or—

"Beatrice?" My thoughts are caught off guard by a familiar voice from behind me. The voice sounded small, but male. I don't turn; I'm to startled that someone called me Beatrice. Only people from abnegation and Tobias know that name. And Tobias wouldn't call me that. "It's—"

I turn my head, not quite looking, but nodding in the direction of the voice. "I know who you are. You don't just forget your parents voice," I say impatiently. "Come out and talk to me. Don't be a whimp about it."

My dad emerges from the shadows behind me, he stands beside me now. "A what? You know what, never mind. Your dauntless now. I can't control you." I'm startled by what he just said. This man couldn't possibly be my father. "Where are you heading? I heard you made first in your initiation."

"That I did, dad. You doubted me," I state. ",whilst it seems like you would do such a thing." I reply sturdy-like. "Upon making it in, First I am aloud to get a better Compartment then many others. I am heading there now, so I can see it. Walk with me?" I say as I take a step forward, not even looking back to see If he is following, the way my trainers do. I know I want to train initiates with Tobias as one of my jobs. Its only part time, though, so I will need to chose something else, too. I don't know what I'm going to chose yet. I want to scare the wits out of the initiates, though, and if I am to be intimidating, I need practice.

"Okay. . ." He says as he steps into my pace. "Natalie—"

I don't like excuses, so I don't let him get very far. "Ordered you to come on her behalf because she has work to do. What is it you want to tell me? Get it over with so I can get back to my life. We both know you don't want to be here on your own time. "

"Beatrice Proir!" He snaps, clearly pronouncing each syllable.

"Eh, eh, eh. I go my Tris now. You will call me by it."

I see him look at me, stunned, through the corner of my eye. I keep my sight in front of me. "Be–Tris! I would think you wouldn't be so selfish!"

Now I look at him in the eye. Remembering the thing Four said to Christina the first day of initiation and say to him, "If I wanted to be selfless and lose all self respect for myself I would have joined abnegation faction."

He gasps, looking down at me. Then I do not notice that I couldn't have chosen a better outfit for being in dauntless compounds, but instead noticing I have chosen the worst outfit to see my dad in. Well, I didn't know he was coming.

I am wearing the black shirt that cuts across my shoulders, clearly showing my tattoos of ravens. The ones on my shoulders are also showing. It flows down like a dress but stops right below my waist. I have on dark blue jean shorts, that have rips all down the pockets. And a black pair of sandals.

I can't help but feel ashamed. Damn it. My abnegation is showing. I feel my face become warm with embarrassment.

"I'm dauntless now, dad. I can wear what I want. And I like my tattoos. What do you want?" I say as I look down at my pink slip that has all my compartment info on it, listed accordingly. They gave it to me when I got my key.

It list everything I need to do:

1. Locate your apartment.

Below that in scribbled letters reads ' Tris Prior #78456 Status: Transfer. Abnegation to dauntless. Apartment no. 10 level 6'

I walk over to the stairs and am about to pick up the pace to a run when I remember that I have Andrew with me and he is abnegation. Abnegation don't run 6 flights of stairs.

I settle on fast-walking. Even doing that Andrew can't keep up.

"Your mother wants me to remind you that Caleb looked up what you told him to. She wouldn't tell me what. Also, that it has become disabled and Jeanine will be put on trial."

I stand in front of my door now and notice my father is a bit behind me.

I read the next step:

2. Unlock your door. Look around, unpack, settle in.

Well that will take a while. I didn't think I had as many possessions as I actually do. Christina takes me shopping every week it seems. Although, Tobias has been busy lately and the trips keep me busy. I'm starting to—and I hate to admit it—appreciate and enjoy them. I have another two or three boxes at Tobias's. I asked him to hold them so Peter didn't go though my stuff while I was out.

I'm just going to read the next step.

3. Ask a former instructor to sign this sheet, along with your signature. Following this step, return sheet to compartment quarters.

I look at the perfect letters below it. ' <4 you guys make 10. - tori.'

I may have mentioned it to a few people at the tattoo parlor that me and Tobias where an item. I asked them not to tell anyone, too. Not for Tobias's sake, but rather for mine.

"That it?" I can tell that he wants to say more to me about how I shouldn't be here, I left him. But I also know he won't say any thing.

He just nods. "Yes, Tris. That is it." He turns on his heel, about to walk out, and stops. "Actually, do you know where I can find Tobias Eaton? I figured you would have meet him by now." Mysteriously, Marcus is there, staring at me with his abnegation mask on. But I can see the evil look in his eyes.

"Perhaps, you have even become fond of him. Good friends, mayhap?" Marcus says in his robot voice.

"I have no reason to lie, Marcus." Come to think of it I have every reason to lie. "He was my trainer during initiation this year. Sadly, I have not heard from him since the final ranks." I say to him cunningly. I didn't exactly lie.

"I guess I will go look for him then." He says turning back into the hall.

I dont think you should. Why would you do that? I thought he was a traitor to you, Marcus. Because he didn't belong in abnegation you called him a traitor. I guess I'm one, too. Since I changed factions!" I almost yell now. I can feel fire behind my eyes and my face warming. He has no right to be hear. He will hurt my Tobias! I know he will.

"Beatrice!" My father yells at me. "You do not speak to an abnegation leader in that tone! For one, Tobias was full abnegation and was a traitor. You on the other hand, never fit into the abnegation sector."

"Well I don't help people who hurt there own kids. Especially, if there from abnegation. And hurt my Tobias! Get out. Get out of my compartment!" I yell at them.

I hear footsteps down the hall and my name being called. "Tris. Oh, Trissy! Did I find your apartment?" I hear Tobias say in a joking, sing-song voice.

"Leave, now!" I hiss at them. They both turn and walk out the door, down the hall, and down the stairs.

I look and see Tobias walking toward me from the other direction with a muffin in his hand and a gun in the other. "Tris!" He says as he comes closer. " I brought you a muffin for breakfast. I didn't see you in the cafeteria this morning."

"Oh, I got held up. Sorry." I look at my watch as I take the muffin from him. I give him a quick peck on the lips and say thank you. "We can still go hang at breakfast, can't we? It's not over yet. I'm sure everyone is still there talking."

"Of course. Lets go." He tucks his gun in his weapon belt. I should get one of those; I keep my weapons in my combat boots.

He wraps his arm around my waist and guides me to the cafeteria.

How'd you like it? I hope you like it.




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