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6. you are late

Harper jolts up when she looks at her phone screen.

8:30, 9 missed calls.

" no, no, no" she repeats as she gets dressed in whatever she sees, brushes her teeth, and combs her hair, "I'm so late!" she yells at her self. She was still sore for running all night.

She grabbed all her things and ran out the hotel.


"I'm here..." she says in a low voice as she walks into the room full of the contestants, "why are you late?" Simon asked, "I over slept..." she responds full with embarrassment.

Simon stared at her for a moment and Harper held her breath, "don't let this happen again" he simply responds, she lets out a sigh of relief.

"Where were you?" Jason whispered, "I over slept" she whispered back, "we took you home early after eating though"

"I know, just a bad habit of mine..."

"do I have to stay over at your hotel room now to make sure you get here on time?" he laughed.

"maybe" she grinned and shrugged.

"now everyone" Simon started, "we have special guests, they are the biggest boy band...One Direction" the doors opened and they came in.

A couple of girls gasped and whispered to each other.


Personally I don't know who they are.

"who's your favorite?" a girl whispered to me, "um, I don't know who they are" the girl looked at me with confusion, "well, mine's Harry, he's so hot."

"which one's Harry?"

"the one with the ripped jeans, bandana, and curly hair" there he was, eating some yogurt.

"Hello everyone, I'm Niall Horan, and these are all me friends" they all waved at us.

"today we are going to watch all of you sing, it's exciting to meet you all and I cant wait to see hear you guys" everybody clapped.

"Alright, we're going to start with...Harper" Simon glanced at me, oh no!, I didn't practice enough!!.

Jason smiled at me and patted my back.

I walked to the front, I was probably blushing!.

"Hi..." I waved at them and they smiled.

I cleared my throat and began.

"I laid down, I drank the poison then I passed the fuck out, now let me tell you 'bout the good life..." (Song: Disasterology by Pierce The Veil)

I sang half the song and Simon stopped me, "thank you" everyone clapped.


"Harper!" Jason called behind me," heyyy" I greeted him, "you were great!."

"thanks, and you my friend is an amazing rapper" we laughed.

"want to go meet them?" Jason pointed to the band members of One Direction.

"why?" I laughed, "eh I don't know, my sister loves them, maybe I can get a picture with them to send it to her."

"oh ok" we got into the crowd of girls talking to them.

"Hi, what's your name?"

"I'm Harper Jones, and you?" the girls gasped and stared at me.

"I'm Liam Payne" we made eye contact and shook hands.

"how do you girls like it here?" Harry asked, but I couldn't hear anything because everyone was talking at the same time.

"anywaysss, excuse me ladies" Jason moved to the front of the crowd, "can I get a picture with you guys?" everyone laughed.

"yeah, sure."

Jason gave me his phone and they all huddled together.


I gave him his phone back.


before anyone left we got each others phone numbers, we all promised not to give it away.

and I made eye contact with Liam one last time before I left the room with the others.

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