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5. Overwhelming attention


Harper was on the phone with her mom but she had to practice, "mom, I got to go" she wanted to talk to her longer but she knew she couldn't, "alright, I love you" she sniffles, "mom don't cry" she fights her tears back, this was her fourth day away from her mom and she's home sick, they say their good byes and hangs up.

"yo, Harper" some one said from outside her door, she opens it to be greeted by Jason, a guy she met after her audition backstage he was a rapper, "oh, hey" she smiles, "my boys and I wanted to know if you want to go out for pizza" Anxiety fills her body and sweat builds up her forehead, "umm...I don't know, don't you think we should be practicing for tomorrow?" she asks trying her hardest not to sound nervous, "come onnn, it's just pizza" Harper didn't want to sound suspicious so she agreed, she slipped on her converse and put on a jacket, "any of you know how to drive?" she asks them locking her door, his friend Bryce takes a deep breath and says, "I do but, Simon said we have to get body guards" A guy with red dyed hair named Jeremy rolled his eyes.

"I didn't know we were THAT famous" Harper fights back laughter, "I guess so Harp" Jason grins, "Harp?" she laughs at the nickname, " I'll call Simon" Bryce says.


"how do all these people know we're here?" Harper starts to freak out since she's not used to all this attention, people banging on the windows holding signs and flashing them, has to be for the boys, she thought.

"We'll be fine" Jeremy said trying to comfort her, "I'll hold your hand" Jason said, "okay" I smile at him.

"are you guys ready?" the driver asked, we nodded and someone opened the door for us, Harper was still stunned, all of this attention was overwhelming.

When Jason got out he extended his hand for Harper to grab, Harper accepted and walked into the crowd of people, people screaming their name from all directions, "can I please take a picture with you?" I little girl holding her mothers hand asked Harper, "sure" she said because she would feel bad if she said no, "you don't have time" one of the securities ordered her, "oh come on, it's just one picture" she let go of Jason's hand and kneeled next to the girl and smiled to the flashing, "come on, come on" they pushed them inside the empty Pizza Hut.

As Harper smelled the odder of fresh hot pizza her stomach growled, "someone's hungry" Bryce said, "mhm" Harper forced a smile, as much as she wanted to break down, she couldn't not in front of her friends, cameras, or fans.

"what would you like to order?" a girl with a annoyed expression said, she must really hate her job.

"hm, we would like two large peperoni pizzas and four large cups"

As they got their food and drinks they sat at a table, "damn, I'm so hungry" Jason laughed and took a big bite of his pizza, Harper smiled at him and looked down at her plate,

Just one bite

HAHA you're so weak, do you really want all those calories in your stomach, thighs, and arms? fat ass, you'll never get the body of your dreams.

but it's just ONE bite, it wouldn't hurt....

yes it will, so many calories, or do you want to work out all night?

Jason snapped her out of her thoughts, "aren't you going to eat?" he gave her a weird look, "oh um, yes" her heart pounded so hard she thought she would stop breathing.

The screaming outside, the cameras, her friends, the pizza and soda were pressuring her too much.

she picked up the pizza and held it in front of her,

so weak.

you're disgusting.


I'm just here to help you, help you get the body you dream of, I'm your best friend.


She took a bite of her pizza and cringed.

"Are you okay?" Jason asked, "I'm just feeling a bit sick" she responded, "do you want to leave?"

"yes" and with that they put their left overs in a bag and left to their hotel.


"bye guys, I'll see you tomorrow" they all hugged each other and left.

When she knew the coast was clear she put on her hoodie and anything else that would hide her face from strangers and fans and went for a 6 hour run.

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