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2. flash back

*Third person*

"Hi, can I play with you guys?" Harper asked 4 girls her age that were playing Barbies, "no, you're too fat!, fat girls cant be a princess!" the little girl pointed to her tiara, Harper frowned and walked away 'why don't they like me?' she thought to herself.

That night when her mother was tucking her in bed, she asked, "mommy?, why don't other girls like me?, is it because I'm bigger than them?, is it because I'm different?" her mother frowned and said, "Darling, don't listen to them, you're beautiful" she kissed her forehead lightly and left her alone in her dark room.

Four years had passed and little Harper still didn't have any friends, the words went through her head like a CD on replay,

fat girls don't get boyfriends.

fat girls cant be happy.

fat girls cant be beautiful.

fat girls are different.

"why are you crying?" the teacher asked little Harper, "I'm different" she simply whispered.

"why are you so lonely?" her cousin asked, "I'm different"

Little Harper was used to answering people with "I'm different" .

On her 13th birthday she had a party.

"why aren't your friends here?" her aunt asked, "I don't have friends" she answered.

"why aren't you wearing your dress?" her mother asked, "fat girls don't look good in a dress" she said with no emotion, her mother was surprised.

After dinner Harper went to the bathroom and weighed her self: 156, the scale read.

she sobbed silently, little Harper didn't like being different, she wanted the body of Barbie, she wanted to be beautiful.

Day after day little Harper starved herself but when she did eat she purged.

135, the scale read after two months, Harper smiled to herself.

"you are losing a lot of weight" her mother said worried, "thank you" she responded.

One night her mother caught her crying in the middle of the night, "what's wrong?" her mother asked with a worried expression, "nothing, I had a nightmare" she lied.

At age 16 Harper couldn't take it anymore, she got her mothers sleeping pills and ate a handful.

"why did you do it?" her mother sobbed.

"I want to be happy" she whispered.


A/N: Hiiii, what do you think of this so far?, comment! x.

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