Not An Elemental

Cicely Price was a normal teenager, or was until her best friend, Oliver Brenner, turned her life upside down. Now, she can barely trust herself, let alone Oliver. Her parents might not even be her biological ones, and she might be something from the fantasy variety. She can't accept her new reality until she gets proof. Oliver is more than determined to get her that proof.


1. Prologue

Cicely Price is an elemental. Not just any elemental, but a type five elemental. Elementals are classified by types. Type one is a water elemental, type two is an Earth elemental, type three is an air elemental, and type four is a fire elemental. Type five is practically unheard of. They are extremely rare, for good reason. They not only control all four main elements, but they also control stone, steam, electricity, ice, and more. What makes them extremely special and dangerous is that they can also practice magic. They come from the original scientist who created elementals who wanted his bloodline to be extremely rare. There are only ten known type five elementals that are still alive.

Cicely had no idea what she was, not until her best friend since childhood, Oliver Brenner, told her what she was. Oliver is her protector, he’s related to Benedict Price’s, the scientist, best friend, Anthony Brenner. Each Price and Brenner are friends, and each Brenner protects their Price. Cicely doesn’t like the idea of having a protector, especially because she doesn’t believe him. She knows her parents are her biological parents, and that she’s not special, not in the fantasy sense. She doesn’t believe him until he goes to drastic measures to prove to her that she is special, she is an elemental. As Cicely gets to know this new Oliver, she can’t help but wonder if she ever even knew him at all. How can she when she doesn’t even know herself?

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