One In A Million

Jenna's just an ordinary Toronto Maple Leafs fan who is madly in love with her current boyfriend. But everything changes in a snap.
As soon as things change Jenna realizes that she has fallen in love with the NHL's most popular hockey player.
From breakup to love and mistakes Jenna manages to pull herself together.

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1. Off To New York

Its just another Friday, but it isn't any ordinary Friday today's the Friday where I fly off to New York. As I'm packing some of my things I get these mixed emotions I'm nervous yet I feel like this is gonna be life changing.

As I finish packing I hear Jacob's voice. "Jen you ready to go? It's almost time for your flight!" I quickly stuff the last of my clothes in and decide to change in to something more comfortable, my Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. I grab my suitcase and head on downstairs to see Jacob looking hot as usual! "Hey babe" he leans in to kiss my lips.

"Hey hottie" I winked at my extremely hot boyfriend. "Haha let's save the flirting for later, right now it's time to go, so get your butt in the car" he smacked my butt making me let out a small laugh.

Me and Jacob got into our car and headed down to Pearson Airport.

When we reached there Jacob checked me in to my flight, as soon as I knew it, it was time for me to check onto my plane.

I hugged Jacob, trying not to cry. "I'm gonna miss you so much" my eyes were filled up but not a single tear came out. "Don't cry! Your gonna make me cry to than haha" he smiled at me as I wiped my eyes.

Me and Jacob said our final goodbyes and I headed for checking.

Time flies so quickly that I didn't even realize it was time to board on to my plane.

I couldn't believe it, I was going off to New York to fulfil my Hockey dream..

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