Disconnected *5 Seconds of Summer*

What will happen when the four boys from 5 Seconds of Summer take a challenge that restricts them from having any devices for one month? They stay all together in a beach house in Miami, Florida with no distractions except for each other. Will they fight? Will one break and leave? What will happen when 5 Seconds of Summer is Disconnected?


2. Chapter 2

~Michael's POV~

"Did you talk to your girlfriends and family?" Adam asks us as we hand him our phones.

"Yup," I say and the others agree.

"Now let's make this video. Basically say what you guys are doing, say you'll miss them, tell them that hopefully you guys will make new songs, make a shout out to your family and girlfriends and then end it," Adam says as he sets up the camera on a tripod.

All four of us sit on the couch in front of the camera and wait for Adam to give us a thumbs up.

"Hey guys, we have some news to tell you," Ash starts.

"We are taking part in a challenge that will test out limits with us being disconnected," Luke says.

"See what we did there?!" Ash laughs and we all chuckle.

"We're not going to have our phones for one month and we will not be doing anything in social media for that time," I say.

"We're hoping that this will teach us that having time away from our phones and social media is a good thing," Calum adds.

"We would like to make a special shout out to our super supportive families!" I say.

"And our incredible girlfriends! Love you Lozza!" Ash smiles towards the camera.

"HI KAT, I LOVE YOU!" I yell and crazily wave and smile.

"Love you to the moon and back, Dani!" Calum blushes.

"I love you, Cam! See you soon!" Luke smiles.

"And of course, we love our lovely fans!" Ash yells.

"You guys are awesome and we know you are going to miss us so we're going to sing a song for you right now!" Calum announces.

"Since we're doing this challenge, we figured it was an appropriate song to sing," I say.

"This is Disconnected. Hope you guys like it," Luke says and Ash sits on his drum thingy and Adam hands me an acoustic guitar.

~After Song~

"So we hope you guys liked that and we'll see you all in a month!" Ash says.

"Bye!" we all say at once and Adam ends the video.

"Great job, boys!" Adam says, "Now I'm leaving. I'll come and check up on you every once in a while. Please behave. Also, feel free to use the recording studio upstairs and eat any food you want."

Then he left.

"What did we get ourselves into?" I say to the boys.



Hey guys! I know this was short (like REALLY short), but a lot of you wanted an update and here it is!

So the girlfriends were announced! Congrats to you three girls! (Kat, Dani, and Lozza)


Big news on this story!

It made 3rd most popular bandom story on the popular page!!


So thank you to all you guys!

Also, thank you to everyone's sweet comments!

I think this is the most comments I've ever gotten after one chapter!

Now that they're done with phones, it should get more interesting

Just letting you guys know, I might make them sound a little needy and goofy without their phones, but I'm not making fun of them or trying to be mean, it's just for humor and I mean no harm.


Thanks guys!

Love you all!

Comment please! I love waking up to a bunch of comments! Don't be shy! No ghost readers!

Okay, that was a long author's note. Lol

If you read it all comment 'Penguin'! hehe! :p


~Cammy xx.

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