This is a world of warcraft movella so please no hate :)

I'm the beast that hides in the shadows.
The giant that leaves only wreck in my wake,
The creature that can fly free,
I am the guardian of the forest,


4. Chapter 4


As I headed towards the main castle the girl I had nearly bumped into was whizzing round my mind like an annoying fly that I couldn't squish.

As I got closer to the king I realized that a few guards had abandoned their posts and were following me. Guess they don't trust me, its only fair as I don't trust myself either so I can't blame them.

As I approached the king a guard on a horse blocked my paths and looked down at me with hatred in his stare.

"State your business!" He barked at me like I was one of his grunts.

"I'm here to speak with your king about my forest that was just burnt down by the horde causing my five year old daughter to get burnt to death making impossible for me to be able to bring her back, So either you move or I make you as I'm not in the best of moods today" He seemed shocked at my sudden outburst.

"General let him through" The general glares at me then steps aside then I come face to face with none other than Genn Greymane the so called leader of the worgans and a man I knew well

"DAMIEN I thought I recognized that voice!" He pulls me to a quick hug

"Good to see you Genn how you been?" He smiles

"Um I've been better" He goes a little pale

"Whats wrong old friend?" I place a hand on his shoulder

"Well we lost Gilneas  to the forsaken" I was shocked nothing could breach the walls

"How?" He shakes his head slowly

"I dont know all I know is that my son gave his life so that I could be here today" 

"I'm so sorry if I had been there I could have healed him" Genn Looks up

"Its okay we know you were busy with your druid training" I sigh

"Yes but by then I knew how to heal any wound they said I was one of their best students" He smiles then turns serious

"Is it true are you like me?" I nod slowly and his face turns sad

"How?" I think back to the day when I was patrolling the woods

"Well It was my turn on guard duty with a new rookie called Cartar when I hear a scream of pain. Me and Cartar instantly start to follow the noise obviously in cat form and in the shadows when we come across a worgan trapped in an animal cage. I turn back into my human form and slowly approach. The worgan must have caught a whiff of my scent and turns bearing its teeth at me so I stop and put my hands up showing I'm no threat. That's when I realize it was a woman and she didnt seem to happy to see me. She lashed out at me and must have caught my arm but I didnt notice until much later. I helped her out of the trap and she thanked me then left. Soon after the curse took effect but luckily the night elf druids managed to heal me so now I can control it like you do" Genn smiled then his smile vanished as soon as it had appeared

"Is  your daughter dead like you said?" I nodded and a few tears slipped out of my eyes.

"Damien I know how young she was" Then suddenly I caught a whiff of something demonotic 

"Wait Genn do you smell that?" He looks at me puzzeled

"What is it?" I take another big whiff and the stench was coming from a quiet man in the corner 

"Who's he?" Genn follows my gaze

"Oh thats Major Samuelson He's new" I take a few quick sniffs then hold my nose

"Well he stinks of demon!" Genn's eyes widen then he turns to Samuelson who was shaking

"H.....He's Lying!" Samuelson yells towards King Varian Wrynn

"HE NEVER LIES!" Genn yells and Samuelson starts to shake even more. I slowly walk towards the small shaking man

"Your not human are you?" He looks up at me then a evil smile spreads over his lips

"No....I'm not" Then out of nowhere I'm flying through the air and Samuelson is no longer a human but now a giant demon with tentacles and a ugly face

"BEHOLD MY TRUE FORM AND PREPARE TO DIE!" He shoots a shadow ball towards the king but I jump in the way and block it with a wrath they collide and Samuelson sands there surprised


"One of the perks of becoming a worgan!" I change into my bear form and charge forward my body shaking with rage. It was demons who took my beloved wife from me.

"PATHETIC!" Samuelson swatted away all the guards that charged towards him and even managed to do the same to me. I crashed into the wall then Genn shifts into his Worgan form and charges towards Samuelson his eyes burning with rage. Genn manages to get a few good hits in but soon Samuelson swats him away as well. I turn back into my worgan form and start hitting him with different spells. Samuelson doesn't realize until its too late and many of my spells make contact. Samuelson crumbles under the many attacks

"NOW STRIKE!" I yell and then guards ,Genn and myself all charge forward and finish him off. Soon Samuelson is just a large stain on the royal courts floor

"How did you know that he was a Deamon when Genn didnt?" I turn around to see King Varian Wrynn walking towards me with deamon blood on his sword. I didnt know he had helped

"Well you see your highness Damien has a high sense of smell as He spent most of his time in the woods so his sense of smell is so much better than mine" 

"Good he's now the new Major make sure he gets everything he wants" The King goes back up to his chair and sits down

"Your Highness I could not accept your generous offer I would like to start out the same as everyone else" Varian stares at me for a moment the nods 

"Fine then you must get on the next caravan that heads for the twilight highlands" I nod then start to leave.

My life is so messed up right at the moment!

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