This is a world of warcraft movella so please no hate :)

I'm the beast that hides in the shadows.
The giant that leaves only wreck in my wake,
The creature that can fly free,
I am the guardian of the forest,


3. Chapter 3


I looked at the small heap of dirt where my daughter would sleep for the rest of time. Then I decided to do something that I had said I would never do. I'm going to join the alliance.

As I walked up to the gates in cat form not trusting anyone  I saw many champions outside practicing by dueling each other over and over again. Many different races were here but only a few worgan were dotted here and there like they were too afraid to join in. Then HE walked up to me.

"Oh looky here we have a new face but their not showing it" He was a tall night elf who had white hair tied up in a ponytail. He had markings that looked like claw marks and a sword slung over his back. I could tell straight away that he was a warrior.

"Well druid you gonna show your face?" I smiled 

"Why should I?" He looked startled like no one had ever spoken back

"What did you just say?" My smile grew

"I said why.Should.I?" I said it slowly trying to make him madder and it worked

"Well..Uh...just show us your face or are you a coward?!" He shouted in my face. I decided to annoy him a little more

"I'm not a coward but you wont like my face trust me" He smirked

"Oh come on it cant be that bad" My smile grew even bigger

"Well you'll have to lean in so you can see it better" He did as I said then I turned back into my worgan form and let out a fierce roar. He fell backwards and started to shake

"See I told you that you wouldn't like my face" I cocked my head to the side in a mocking way and he was having none of it.

"You little.." He was cut off by some people coming to see what all the commotion was about then a few of them started to chant

"FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT" I smiled again then looked at the night elf

"Well we don't want to disappoint them do we?" He got up then unsheathed his sword.

"Fine but before we begin my name is Tranaka Zanochi whats yours?"

"My name is Damien Grimfang" 

"Okay then Damien you may use one transformation but no other is that acceptable?" I nodded.

"Tinked could you come here please!" Tranaka called out and a little Gnome appeared dressed in a mage robe 

"Yes Tranaka?"She huffed "I was in the middle of an amazing mage book that I would like to finish  

"Make sure that this is a fair fight" She nodded. I face Tranaka and got ready for his attack
"Arnt you going to transform?" Tranaka Looked at me suspiciously 

"Not yet" He nodded then charged at me with his sword aimed straight for my chest. I leaped straight up into the air surprising Tranaka. Then I landed right on the tip of his sword and his eyes went wide as my fist collided with his face. He went sprawling across the floor with a little bit of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He got up, picked up his sword then looked at me his smirk had vanished now a serious look was locked onto his face. He slowly approached watching my every move like he was expecting something to happen. Then he swung his sword in an arc heading straight for my face. I ducked and took the opportunity to sweep his feet out from under him. But he suspected my attack then jumped into the air. Big mistake. I smiled then let my inner beast out. My teeth grew longer and sharper, My fur grew blacker and my hands turned into huge claws. I was in my cat form then I pounced on his defenseless body that was suspended in mid air. My body crashed into his my claws sinking deep into his chest and then his body making contact with the ground knocked the air out of him and caused him to cough up quite a bit of blood.

"I...give...up" He said weakly and Tinked quickly hurried over and placed a healing potion to his lips. As he slowly drank the potion she looked at me with utter hatred.

"Why did you do that you could have killed him!" I shifted back to my worgen form

"Hey don't worry I'm a druid I could have revived him so its okay" She stood up after making sure that Tranaka had finished 

"Its not okay!" Then Tranaka tried to stand and failed the first time then managed to the second

"Tinked I'm fine don't worry" She turned to look at him then walked so she was next to him but slightly behind. Tranaka turned and looked at me

"That was a good fight Damien but from now on consider me your rival" I smiled

"Of course but the next time I see you, you better be ready because I'm not going to hold back" He smiled then walked off with Tinked following close behind. When they had left I realized that the crowd were staring at me. I started to head towards the town when a young girl nearly ran straight into me.

"Omg I'm so sorry I should look where I'm going" She looked up from under a dark hood and a chill spread all over my body. She looked just like my daughter but instead many years older and instead of brown hair this girl had black and instead of bright blue eyes this girl had dark blue so dark that they were nearly black.

"No Its my fault I shouldn't be in such a rush" She smiled then hurried off in a different direction then seemed to disappear.

Was that girl real or had I made her up? 

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