This is a world of warcraft movella so please no hate :)

I'm the beast that hides in the shadows.
The giant that leaves only wreck in my wake,
The creature that can fly free,
I am the guardian of the forest,


2. Chapter 2


I flew through the air with the wind helping me to climb the tall mountains. As I got higher I felt so free that I nearly forgot that I needed to go and see my daughter.

I did a quick u turn and headed back to the forest when I spot smoke spiraling towards the sky. I dive towards the flames and find my hut was a blaze.

"NO!!" I dived towards the hut to see orcs with flamethrowers.

I headed for the one who looked like their leader then outstretched my claws. In a matter of minutes I made contact with his face and he tried to swat me away but I came at him again this time getting his shoulder. He turned so that his flamethrower was facing me then let out a hot blast. It caught my wing so I had to land. He charged towards me so I decided to make it a fair fight so turned back to my normal form

"HAH Its just a human!" He sneered. I growled low in my chest then I pounced on him changing into my true self.

"WHAT ARE YOU?" He shouted when I had missed him.

"I'm a Worgan and you are DEAD!" I lunged for his throat and my claws met their mark soon he was on the ground blood gushing from the open wound

"RETREAT!" He got up and staggered away with his men following close behind. I dashed inside the burnt building ad started to rummage through the rubble hopping that I wasn't too late only to find that I was. Under neath my daughters bed I found her. She was curled up in a ball and was holding a small picture like her life had depended on it.

"No....Kita" I pulled the small burnt body up to my chest and wept. I hadn't wept in over 5 years, the last day I wept was when her mother died and I had to look after a 4 month old baby. But now I've lost every single family member that I had. Now I wanted revenge!  

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