“Scotland what?” He takes his arm down.
“Scotland Aurora Green.”
“Is it possible to fall in love with someones name?” He asks, looking in her eyes.
“Okay, whatever you’re trying to do isn’t working.” She slightly laughs. “You’re not getting in my pants if that’s what you want.”
“Hey, hey, hey. I never said anything about getting into anyones pants unless that’s what you want…” He smirks.
“You’re ridiculous.” She says as she scoffs, and pushes past him, throwing her bag once again onto her back.
He grabs her arm and spins her around once he catches up to her, just out of the library.
“Colton Michael Thomas.” He says.
“Well Colton Michael Thomas, I would kindly appreciate it if you fuck off.” She replies, walking away.


8. o8.



    Scotland tried to do whatever she could to stay away from Colton; But he was like a drug. Once upon a time she knew he was a bad idea, then she tried him out, gave him a chance, and once she found out how toxic he was she left, but then realized only how good it was to feel his touch.

    “Scotland.”  Scotland’s mom says across the kitchen as she washes the dishes.

    Scotland looks up, out of her daydream and removes her elbows from the counter of the island.

    “Do you know what day it is?” Her mom asks, smiling.

    “Sunday.” Scotland responds.

    “Scotland.” She scoffs, placing her hand on her hip as she finishes the dishes. “It’s Halloween! You used to love Halloween!”   

“Oh. Yeah.”

“Aren’t you going out? Any parties or anything you want to go to?”


“Well, don’t you have some friends from school that you could hang out with?”   

“Not really.” Scotland remembered her fake friends she told her mom about so she would stop bugging her about making some new ones.   

“Well, you need to get out tonight. I’m having some of the neighbors over and I think you should do something. Go out, be young!”

“Okay.” Scotland responds.


    At 7:00 pm Scotland found herself at Colton’s front door, after the shaky walk from the car up the brick pathway.

    “Hi.”  She says, as he opens the door to her older brother’s car in which she had borrowed.

    Colton replies with a head nod, as he shuts the door.

    “Um,” Scotland begins quietly, then at a normal tone of voice. “I’m sorry about the mess.” She clears her throat quickly, then says quietly, almost in a correction; “My mess.”

    Colton then looks up at Scotland from his lap, with a sense of confusion in his eyes. “Scotland,” He shakes his head.

    Scotland looks back at him, almost like a shy puppy, wanting to avoid eye contact, but looks anyways because she feels as though she has to.

    “I don’t want you to actually listen to anything I say. Or, what anyone else has to say if it will make you think about it for more than 2 seconds of your life. I’m just a jackass, and so is the world; But trust me when I say this, I am no prince charming. I’m not any guy that will make you want to get married within the matter of a quick thought, and I’m most definitely not anyone you should be saying sorry to.”

    Scotland nods, and looks at her lap as she fiddles with her fingers. She sighs, surrendering to her thoughts, and looks him in the eyes.

    “Tell me.” He says, clenching his jaw as he looks between her hazel eyes and takes her hand in his

Scotland looks down at their hands as she begins. “You look at me like I’m a crime scene.”

“Scotland Aurora, you are not a crime scene; Your hair smells like flowers. If you want to call yourself a crime scene, then you’re damn well the prettiest crime scene I’ve ever gotten to know.”

Scotland smiles at the middle console, never thinking anything near that would come out of one, Colton Michael Thomas’s mouth. The smile then resides, as she finds herself struggling for words. “‘Well yeah, I’m sad, but at the same time, I’m really happy that could make me feel that sad. It’s like, it makes me feel alive, you know?’” She looks up at him, continuing the quote in which she has lived by for the past year ever since she found it in a little bookstore at the edge of town. “‘It makes me feel human. And the only way I could feel this sad now, is if I’ve felt something really good before. So, I have to take the bad with the good, so I guess what I’m feeling is like a, beautiful sadness. I guess that sounds stupid.’”

“If you’re sad baby, I will kiss the sad out of you.” Colton says, taking Scotland’s face in his hand in which isn’t holding hers, and pulls her closer, pursing his lips as he kisses her roughly at first, then slowly and sweetly.

She looks at him, and smiles. “I have a very big crush on you but sadly I am only a little bug, and you are a garden.”

He  looks at her with the look he did the first time he met her. “Gardens can’t survive without bugs.”


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