“Scotland what?” He takes his arm down.
“Scotland Aurora Green.”
“Is it possible to fall in love with someones name?” He asks, looking in her eyes.
“Okay, whatever you’re trying to do isn’t working.” She slightly laughs. “You’re not getting in my pants if that’s what you want.”
“Hey, hey, hey. I never said anything about getting into anyones pants unless that’s what you want…” He smirks.
“You’re ridiculous.” She says as she scoffs, and pushes past him, throwing her bag once again onto her back.
He grabs her arm and spins her around once he catches up to her, just out of the library.
“Colton Michael Thomas.” He says.
“Well Colton Michael Thomas, I would kindly appreciate it if you fuck off.” She replies, walking away.


7. o7.



Scotland and Colton sit on a curb, their backs against the brick wall of a gas station as they sit in silence. Colton pick up the soda from next to him, taking a sip, and placing it back with an exaggerated swallow. Scotland bites the inside of her cheek, then looks over at him.

        “What?” Colton asks in an aggravated tone, still looking forward.

        “I didn’t say anything.” Scotland responds.

        “No, but you were thinking it. I know you were.” He says, clenching his jaw.

Scotland looks forward, shaking her head as she puts her hand through her hair, pushing it messily to the side. “I still don’t understand how you could even know about that.”

        “What? The crash?” He says, looking at her.

        “Yes. That happened 6 months ago, back in July.”

        “Well, I did my research. Big fucking deal.”

        “It is a big fucking deal to me, Colton.” Scotland responds, getting angered.

        “Then if it was such a big fucking deal, then why didn’t you tell me about it?” Colton says, getting up and holding his arms  out to the side of his body as he speaks.

        “Why didn’t I tell you about it?!” Scotland responds, astounded by the words that just came out of his mouth as she shakes her head and looks away as she presses her tongue to the inside of her cheek. “Colton, I barely even fucking know you and I’m supposed to tell you about the most terrifying, yet biggest thing in my life that everyone has labeled me for? You really think I want a stranger to look at me as someone who’s broken, terrified, sad, and anxiety driven? You must really not know who the fuck I am.” She says, getting up as she starts to walk through the small parking lot.

        “Why are you so easy to get up and leave from everything? You think you know how the world would react to you if they found out who your soul actually was, and yet it’s you that doesn't even know the world.” Colton says, going after her.

        “No, I know who the world is now.” Scotland says now calm, turning around and facing Colton inches from him. “Before, everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. It’s nothing like that now.” She says, turning around and walking down the street.

    Colton stays where Scotland left him, as he puts his hand through his un-styled, messy hair from the day’s slumber. He exhales, shaking his head as he walks to the jeep and punches the spare tire on the back.

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