“Scotland what?” He takes his arm down.
“Scotland Aurora Green.”
“Is it possible to fall in love with someones name?” He asks, looking in her eyes.
“Okay, whatever you’re trying to do isn’t working.” She slightly laughs. “You’re not getting in my pants if that’s what you want.”
“Hey, hey, hey. I never said anything about getting into anyones pants unless that’s what you want…” He smirks.
“You’re ridiculous.” She says as she scoffs, and pushes past him, throwing her bag once again onto her back.
He grabs her arm and spins her around once he catches up to her, just out of the library.
“Colton Michael Thomas.” He says.
“Well Colton Michael Thomas, I would kindly appreciate it if you fuck off.” She replies, walking away.


4. o4.


Scotland is jolted out of her sleep due to her mother yelling for her to wake up, rolling over onto her back and rubbing her face with the palms of her hands, feeling the dried tear streaks. She flips the covers off of her, and walks into the bathroom off of her bedroom. She looks at herself in the mirror, her hair a mess, the bags under her eyes more noticeable than normal.

    “Yikes.” She sighs, as she gets ready for the dreaded day to come.


Scotland arrives at school, her anxiety high. She quickly walks through the hallways and decides to not go to the library today, knowing Colton would be there. So, instead, she goes to the cafeteria just to sit and read. She makes it through the hallways, her eyes searching left and right to make sure none of the students are Colton. Just as she rounds the corner to get into the cafeteria, she bumps into someones chest, unaware of where she was walking.

A little noise escapes her mouth, as the two books in her arms go flying, and she starts to fall backwards, towards the ground. An arm quickly grabs her arm, pulling her back up as she gets her balance.

    “Sor…” She begins to apologize, as she looks up at her saviour.

    “I was just about to go see you.” Colton smirks, as Scotland squirms out of his grip, and quickly gathers her things.

    “Well, you found me.” She says, her voice shaking with anxiety as she tries to push past him, but he stands in her way.

    “Scotland Aurora, are you trying to get away from me?”

    “Yes, now move.”


    “Because you’re in my way.”

    “No. Why are you trying to get away from me?”

    “You know too much about me, and you don’t even know me.” She responds, trying to go around the other side of him.

    “How is that a bad thing?” He blocks her again, this time crossing his arms.

    “Because I don’t even know myself yet.” She responds, pushing past him and going anywhere that Colton wouldn't be.

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