“Scotland what?” He takes his arm down.
“Scotland Aurora Green.”
“Is it possible to fall in love with someones name?” He asks, looking in her eyes.
“Okay, whatever you’re trying to do isn’t working.” She slightly laughs. “You’re not getting in my pants if that’s what you want.”
“Hey, hey, hey. I never said anything about getting into anyones pants unless that’s what you want…” He smirks.
“You’re ridiculous.” She says as she scoffs, and pushes past him, throwing her bag once again onto her back.
He grabs her arm and spins her around once he catches up to her, just out of the library.
“Colton Michael Thomas.” He says.
“Well Colton Michael Thomas, I would kindly appreciate it if you fuck off.” She replies, walking away.


1. o1.



She stares at the fluid in the tray, as the photo starts to appear in black and white. Once the photo appears, she takes it and hangs it on the line strung across her room, and turns on her fairy lights across her wrought-iron headboard. Plopping on the plush bed, she gently reaches her fingertips under the mattress and pulls out a journal with sketches along the cover and opens it to the first open page after several messily written’s. She takes the pencil out of the coils holding the papers together, and writes down an entry.



I like to think I am through with being sick. But once I realize that I am no longer as they would say ‘sick’, I fall right back down into the rabbit hole just as Alice once did. The scars on my wrist do not define me now, but as someone I once was.



She sighs, and flips to a page in which she has visited most. Her finger running over the torn edges, she reads it once again, at first with no expression, soon changing to tears slipping down her lightly freckled cheeks



    I really can’t believe you are gone. I can’t believe you left me here, alone. I need you. I do. Last time I failed, and only you knew. You locked me out, please just let me in. I’m begging you. Open the door, please. Please just open the door. I need you to let me in, to let me out of this painful world I am drowning in. Help me……


No, she wasn’t crying. She was just shedding sadness from her heart and mind, but mostly her eyes.

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