The house of gangs

"I'm a wild orphan who got mixed up you. I've seen violence throughout my life. I guess that's everyone."
Horizon Jones is a lot of things: orphan; drug addict; a mental patient and a sixteen year old girl. Join her crazy, messed up life as she struggles with friendships, love and her mind


2. Part two

My school is called Lincoln High school. Usually, schools that have a president's name in the middle of the name would seem... pretty good. You would imagine a beautiful, pristine school with perfect students that love each other, play football or soccer or a cello. They would go to universities like Yale or Harvard. But Not Stanford, They're Too Good For Stanford. Oh, and of course, Their Mother Or Father Are 'In The Big Business'. Every week, they would have big parties that would resemble The Great Gatsby's party. If not, better. 

That school, yeah that school is in California. My school is in Florida. Most people believe Florida is the land of promise, the American Dream. 

Trust me. It's Not. In Florida, everyone dreams the American dream to come forwards and embrace us and kiss us forever. We always dream about it. I mean, we always talk about it but not aloud. Florida is a place mistakenly known its rich, white middle-class or millionaire families. The families I know are either broken or broke. Maybe even both. In my school, the gangster school, the bad arses, we welcome those families. Maybe because we are one. 


It's one o clock and everyone is eating lunch. I'm with my boyfriend, Myles Beveridge, Who I Absolutely Adore. We've been on an on-and-off relationship since we were 14. We're now 16, turning 17. He looks around, eyeing trouble with his dead, grey eyes, waiting to defend himself. I couldn't judge him, it's weird. There has been no fights and it's lunch. It's a new record.

"Myles?" I say in a concerned voice. "You alright?"

"I'm OK," He says in a cool, unhurt voice. I stare at him in disbelief. "Alright, fine. You know Josh Johnson?" I nod. "Well, he's been giving me attitude the whole day, trying to piss me off. It worked."

"What did you say?" Intrigued, knowing that nothing was going to happen. 

He took time to say the next bit. "I told him to shut his fucking mouth before I make him"

"Let me guess, hes the one that's pissed off now." Myles nods his head. 

"Here he comes."

Josh is a scrawny, tall, pale boy who looks like he's on crack. I think he is. 

"Myles, listen, you think you're all tough but guess what?" He speaks really loud so how everyone can hear. "You're nothing," Myles's nostrils flares with animosity. "You're nothing but a dumbass on steroids!"

Myles punches him, breaking his nose. "Oops, like your mouth, I can't control my first." He smiles, showing teeth. 

Josh throws a punch but fails. Myles drags him, pushing him against the wall. "Don't fight against my friends and I or else I WILL kill you. Remember what happened last time."

Myles pushes Josh into someone which evolves into a muddle. Myles and I laugh at this, considering the fact no one dares to approach us even though we started it. 

The bell rings and the fight is slowly dying out. It's not as bad as last time, someone died, another went to a l-o-n-g trip to the hospital. Myles was involved. 

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