The house of gangs

"I'm a wild orphan who got mixed up you. I've seen violence throughout my life. I guess that's everyone."
Horizon Jones is a lot of things: orphan; drug addict; a mental patient and a sixteen year old girl. Join her crazy, messed up life as she struggles with friendships, love and her mind


6. Part Six

It's eight o clock and I'm at Alfie's garage. Alfie Spinner is the leader of our 'gang'. He's also our flounder and has been protecting us since... well forever. He's six feet tall and has jet black hair. Al isn't muscular or anything, he's just fat yet strong. I don't' know why but when he's around, I can't talk because I'm terrified of him. We all are. Except of course-

"Horizon!" Zoe gives me a bear hug. I can smell liquor on her breath. "Your early."

"Yeah, I know," I take her arm off my shoulder. "Drinking again?"

Zoe shrugs. "Yeah, Al said-"

I raise my hand, silencing her. Al is her boyfriend. She practically worships him because if she does one wrong thing then he's probably going to injure her. I warned Zoe when she first starting going out with him but she never listens. 

"Ah, I forgot that Al makes all the decisions in your relationship."

Zoe furrows her eyebrows. "What, because YOUR relationship is better than mine, right?"

"What? No! Don't say that!"

Just then Alfie came and put his arm around my friend. "Hey Harriet," I close my eyes at this and grit my teeth. Don't. Get. Mad. "How's Myles?"

"Fine." I say in a quiet, soft voice.

"What about North Grove School?"

My eyes widen with fear. I put my shaking hands in my pockets, trying to act cool but failing. "W-what?"

"What do you mean baby?" Asks Zoe.

"Nothin, nothin at all." He's winks at me walks over to a group of menacing men with Zoe by his side.

How does he know? It, it's impossible.

Is it? So stupid, obviously he was going to find out, it's Al. He knows, he knows you betrayed his gang. You should have told Myles earlier.

Oh my God. People who betray us gets punished. I don't know how but they always disappear. Always.

Al whistles, bringing the gang towards the round table in the centre of the room. "Listen, for those of you who were too lazy to show up yesterday like little miss Myles over there," he points at me. "There was a meeting here. It was... a regular ol' meeting. Well, that's what we thought. Those fucking rich bitches from Abbotsford School that belong to Josh the crackhead's gang ambushed us because that 'harmless little fight' yesterday in school turned out with FIVE people from the crackheads seriously injured in a hospital."

"So, that doesn't matter." We all look to the far right corner. A girl with a long hook nose starts at Al, wide eyed. 

Al slowly walks to her face, her nose touching his fat chest. "What. Did. You. Say?"

"I-it doesn't matter? They all deserve to die right?"

Alfie faces us. "Did you hear that? Did you hear that?" He starts laughing but the rest of us are silent, unlike Big Mouth over there. "OBVIOUSLY, this bitch wasn't hear yesterday!" 

I face away from this, I don't want to see what happens next. Or hear.

"Obviously, Captain Hook Nose, you don't care that five people from our gang DIED yesterday."

What? Did they? Why didn't anyone tell me?

Because you were too busy crying your eyes out, you selfish little whore. 

"I, I didn't know! I'm sorry!" She starts crying.

Suddenly, I hear a sickening slap. I tightly close my eyes. What did she do? What did she do that's so bad?

She deserves it, be glad it's not you.

"It's too late to start crying. Get out."

I turn around. Why is he so angry today?

You're so blind.

"What, are you serious?"

"Get. Out. Now. Or. Else."

Or else what?

Hook Nose slowly leaves. Al looks across the tables and starts nodding. I turn around to look and see Myles. My heart sinks. Al wasn't nodding at Myles but I just feel guilty about... Well I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm leaving him? Well, not forever, I CAN still see him outside of school.

You're not allowed.

No. I'm not. 

I'm not.

"So," says Al, acting as if nothing happened. No one notices the two people going towards Hook Nose except me. I find that incredibly weird. "Mr J Crackhead, or Josh as some call him, apparently called Abbotsford bastards to attack us. Well we're going to attack them. Those rich folks with their drugs and fancy cars think they're all great, right?" Silence. "Well, we're better than the whole lot. Do you know? Because every fucking thing they have, we steal it from them!"

Everyone starts laughing. I don't.

"Saturday, 18th of May, nine pm, we're gonna go to fucking Sesame Street and wipe them out!"

Everyone starts cheering. I look over at Myles and see him cheering, smiling. I start cheering.

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