The house of gangs

"I'm a wild orphan who got mixed up you. I've seen violence throughout my life. I guess that's everyone."
Horizon Jones is a lot of things: orphan; drug addict; a mental patient and a sixteen year old girl. Join her crazy, messed up life as she struggles with friendships, love and her mind


5. Part Five



If you're reading this, I want you to know you are beautiful and amazing.

I will try to do weekly updates even though I'm entering a film competition. 

I'm sorry that this is crap

Love you xxx



"What's wrong with you, you're so quiet." Zoe, my best friend says. 

I'm at school, depressed because in two days, I'm going to fricking North Grove High which is full of snobs and rich folks. I haven't told (or barely spoken to) a living soul and it's staying like that until the time is right, which is like NEVER. 


"I'm just... thinking."


"Is it about Myles? Did you fight again?"

What? No!


"Yeah, we had an argument." I lie to her.


Zoe sighs. "Horizon, how many times do I have to tell you, leave him. You guys have an argument EVERY day. He doesn't realise how beautiful and amazing you are."

I smile but I don't mean it. "Thanks Zoe."

"Anytime." Zoe looks up and her face falls into a dark cloud. "Speak of the devil."

I follow her gaze. Myles. 

"Hey beautiful," He kisses me gently. "Zoe," Zoe ignores him. "Anyways, how was it with the mice twins? Did they torture you?" I laugh even though I don't find it funny. As usual. 

"Nothing. Just moaned at me as usual. Nothing new."

I'm an amazing liar. 

"Is that why you didn't fulfil your promise?"

"I got grounded," For the first time today, I actually didn't lie, I got grounded for breaking two doors and calling Jill a fat bitch. 

"So," Says Myles. This annoys me, Myles always thinks that I have to try anything and everything just to see him whilst he just has to wait for me to show up. "You didn't show up because you weren't bothered?"

I sigh in despair. "Myles, aren't you listening? I'm grounded, meaning I can't leave."

Myles puts his hands through his hair. "Ok fine then, but you HAVE to show up tonight, 8 o clock at Alfie's house."

"Why do we need to go there?"

"Some... stuff. You'll see, well you would have seen some people messing with us yesterday night but, well you know."

The bell rings.

All my other lessons were a HUGE blur: the teachers trying to take the students; Zoe gossiping about some bitches; a small fight in science. I seriously couldn't care less about anything. Except, of course, about the new school. How am I going to tell Myles? He's going to be so mad!

'He's going to be even madder if you don't tell him today.'

It's true. I might hurt him if I tell him later on. I WILL hurt him.

I'm going to tell him




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