Fire and Ice

Brooke Dawson has lived her life in Los Angeles, mostly in peace. That is until she finds out HUGE family secrets.


1. One

I set there at my desk in my room trying to work on a project for one of my classes when I barely hear Mom shout from downstairs, "Brooke, come down here please.". Sighing I get up and walk over to my dresser; there sitting on top of it in a little velvet box is a necklace like the one from Titanic. Taking the fragile necklace in my hands I stare into the blue gem, mezmorized by its power. Still in my trance I don't see my Mom standing in the door way.

"Brooke!,"Mom yells. "Brooke Millena Dawson!" 'I can't...,'I tried to say, but it's helpless...I can feel the coldness creeping through my veins to my fingers. No, not another one, why does this always happen at this time? I ask myself. Ice blasts from my hands, making everything in my room (except the necklace) a frozen wonderland. I drop to my knees hoping that this doesn't happen again. Mom just stares at me and mutters, "Freak, my daughter's a freak.".  

Gently I get up, keeping my hands at my sides. I pick up the necklace and put it on, and walk out of my room, the ice receding as I left. Why did I have to have this damn curse? What made me like this? Why am I so special? These questions swam around in my head as I finished getting ready for school. I walked to the bus stop and waited. Once the bus finally came I got on and walked to my seat in the very back away from everyone. 

Once at school I hurried to my first class; English. After awhile the day went by with ease last class...this time I felt heat in my finger tips. I don't even ask my teacher to leave, because she knows about my um...issuses. I run until I'm clear of the bulidings and the woods surrounding them. I let out a cry and then the flames arrive.

Surprisingly where I'm at doesn't catch on fire. I walk back towards my house wondering once again, what happened to give me these powers and why do I have absolutely almost no control over them?

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