Girls are being snatched up from there homes at night, and torn away from their families. Everyone has heard of it, but she never thought it would happen to her. They call it the cage, there is no way out unless let out it's dark and has no windows. She was kicking and screaming at first but after days she knew nothing was going to happen. They say that the wealthiest of people buy the girls for large sums of money and give them to the sons or whomever they're buying the girls for. They transport the girls from the cage into large homes where is no way out unless you are a worker or a special. Can she become one of the girls who walks in the night air and the light of the camera or will she find out of the worse fate in store for her if she cannot win his favor?


2. Chapter Two

“Is she awake? We need to get her ready, they’re expected in the dining room and she is the only one not awake,” my eyelids fluttered open to reveal a large room, with carpeted floor, cream colored walls, a double door exit to a balcony, and two large doors leading to what I think is closet as well as a door way which lead to a bathroom. In front of me there was a large television and two young girls (who didn’t look more than 18 years old). “Oh look she is awake! Finally, get up get up! It’s time to get ready!” she pulled my arm and dragged me out of bed. “Get ready for what?” I was still groggy from sleep and from the gas they drugged us with in the van. “We are getting you ready to see the boys’ Madame” I was confused, but they seemed so excited about the whole thing that I didn’t question it. They took my clothes off and led me into the bathroom. Cycling through me being scrubbed, washed and dried I was finally clean. Next they sprayed me with something that smelled a bit too strongly of roses and vanilla. The girl I had heard talk shook her head at me. “Ally has she been measured?” the other girl; Ally had finally spoken up, “I did miss; remember I told you that I finished her dress last night”. The excited one (let’s call her Missy) spoke up again pulling my chin up so she could study my face, “My goodness come look at this Ally!” she shuffled over to me and looked as her eyes widened. I suddenly felt self-conscious,  I had brown eyes, just like anyone else, but they had little dabs of gold and a deep auburn.
“I have an idea” Ally piped up again hurrying me over to a larger dresser with a large mirror on the top and about eight drawers. The first drawer Ally opened had eye shadow in every color and shade imaginable, along lip gloss, blush and bronzer. The second drawer she opened had brushes, mascara, eyeliner and nail polish. Ally took down the mirror so I couldn’t see myself and instructed me to close my eyes. I did as I was told and felt something being painted onto my fingertip, I knew it was Missy. She then pressed something onto them; I opened one of my eyes to see that she had pressed long black nails and began painting small strokes of red. Ally interrupted me by asking me to shut my eyes again, when I was told to open my eyes again my nails have been fully finished with red, gold and silver lines climbing to the top of my nails. My eyes had a red rose base with gold going towards the inner corner of my eye; gold dust had been brushed between my eyelid and my eye brow, lastly there was a red gem, a gold gem and a silver gem on the corner of my eye which formed a perfect triangle.
“Oh my you look beautiful dearie!” Missy’s hands came together as if she was praying.
“We aren’t done yet,” Ally said as she pulled out a long black dress, the ends of the dress had been dip dyed red while the top was a sweetheart neckline. They put me in uncomfortable strappy red heals, “you’re ready” Ally said sighing and stepping back to look at me from head to toe. Missy looked at me, “Hmmm... It’s missing something. Oh I got it!” Missy ran to the other part of the dresser that had been untouched by Ally, she pulled a shiny string, some bobby pins with pearls on the end and a hair tie. She took my hair and pulled it into a messy bun, leaving parts of hair to fall. The fallen hairs she curled quickly and pinned at least half of them back using the pearl pins. She then clicked something in the silver strand causing in to connect on both ends and placed it atop my head, “It’s just a necklace” she laughed, “but I think it works wonders like this.”
“Time!” I heard a voice call from outside of my room. Missy and Ally pushed me out the door until I was standing in a hallway looking at two other girls who had come here with me.  One was tall with blond hair and deep blue eyes, her hair was like mine but she had blue pearls and her dress also looked like mine but it was white and dip dyed blue. Her nails were white with blue dots; that almost resembled bubbles. She was giggling excitedly and looked to be about 16 in spirit but she was actually about 20 years old. The second girl had long black hair and was wearing a green gown with purple at the bottom, her hair was like ours with purple pearls and her nails were purple matching her dress as well as green swirling lines that looked as if they were vines. Her face was calm and she seemed to be about 21. I also noticed she didn’t smile nearly as much as the blond girl standing across from her. Missy tugged lightly on my arm and whispered, “I think you look the best, they’ll love you.” A boy who looked 18 as well beckoned us to follow him down the hallway. The blond girl was in the front as I stayed towards the back. We entered a large dining room with a large round table in the middle and ten seats spread around its circumference. A chandelier hung above the middle of the table while the aroma of wine, cheese and citrus fruits filled the air.  Two men and two girls sat at the table already waiting, one of the men had black hair with a five o’clock shadow and was wearing a suit, he was sitting next to a women with short blond hair and big blue eyes with a pink short dress on, the man next to her had short brown hair and a bit of stubble he was also wearing a suit. Next to him there was a girl with long wavy brown hair and soft brown eyes wearing a short sparkly emerald dress. The girls quickly stood up and ran over to us, “Hi I’m Eleanor!” the brown haired girl said stepping over to us, she motioned back to the blond standing awkwardly behind her, “this is Perrie.” Eleanor smiled widely at us and Perrie waved quietly from behind. The man with black hair called Perrie back over to his side with a thick British accent, the other man held his hand out for Eleanor and she quickly walked back over to him. We were instructed to sit, “leave space for the rest of the boys, there should be a seat between each of you” Eleanor spoke up again, “Now that everyone is settled we should introduce ourselves” she slightly nudged the brown haired boy who spoke up quickly, “I’m Louis but you can just call me Lou, everyone does” he smiled at us widely before putting his arm around Eleanor’s shoulders and kissing the top of her head. Next the black haired man spoke up, “My name’s Zayn” he looked at us and then back at Perrie grabbing her hand and pulling it up to his lips kissing it quickly Perrie quickly turned a deep shade of red. Eleanor looked over to us, “Okay now your turns.”
The blond I had come in with was named Beth and the girl with black hair told us her name was Kate. All eyes were turned on me because I had forgotten to go next I was too busy glancing around the room. “What’s your name?” Perrie spoke up smiling at me. I looked at them from the left of Eleanor, “my name is Amara.”
The girls all became quiet as we sat around the table waiting. Soon enough three men walked into the room laughing. One had blond hair much like Beth and Perrie, sparkly blue eyes and an Irish accent. The other had short brown hair with large muscles, brown eyes and a soft British accent. Lastly there was a man with curly brown hair, emerald green eyes and a deep British accent. The blond man sat by Beth and the large muscled brown haired man sat by Kate; and the curly haired boy? Well he sat next to me. A few minutes into dinner he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Hello there, I’m Harry Styles. You must be?...”
I leaned back over to Harry just enough that the touch of my lips slightly danced by his ear, “busy eating.”

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