Girls are being snatched up from there homes at night, and torn away from their families. Everyone has heard of it, but she never thought it would happen to her. They call it the cage, there is no way out unless let out it's dark and has no windows. She was kicking and screaming at first but after days she knew nothing was going to happen. They say that the wealthiest of people buy the girls for large sums of money and give them to the sons or whomever they're buying the girls for. They transport the girls from the cage into large homes where is no way out unless you are a worker or a special. Can she become one of the girls who walks in the night air and the light of the camera or will she find out of the worse fate in store for her if she cannot win his favor?


12. Chapter Twelve

We arrived outside where a large black limousine was waiting; I left Harry and walked closer looking down at it. Harry said a quick goodbye to Elizabeth before walking back over to me and opening the door. Liam and Kate, Beth and Niall, Zayn and Perrie & Louis and Eleanor sat in the car talking and drinking bubbly things from small thin glasses.

I stepped in with Harry close behind me, everyone greeted me with ‘hello’s’ and Beth handed me a glass filled with a clear liquid and a cherry on the bottom of the cup. She nodded to me as if to say ‘go for it’ I smiled at her and took a sip. It burned falling down my throat, but the aftertaste was nice, when I took my next sip I was quicker to get down.

Harry smiled at me while he took a sip from a light brown drink with something that looked like foam on its top. I think it was what my dad would drink all the time, beer, yes that must have been it. But then what am I drinking? Well it doesn’t matter, by the time we had arrived at the event I had downed two of the clear glasses and split a beer with Harry. My head felt light and my step was a bit off but I felt a bit better about this night.

There was tons of lights flashing from cameras and music playing from inside. I saw Liam and Beth lace arms, Louis and El were with Perrie and Zayn up in the front closer to the entrance by the time Harry and I got out of the limousine. Liam, Niall, and Harry were quickly surrounded by reporters who asked millions of questions while Zayn and Louis had snuck by with nothing more than a handful of photos.

A reporter from Celebrity Feed came over and pulled us aside. She was an average looking with short curled brown hair and three too many coats of makeup on her face, with large white teeth.

“Are these lovely ladies the surprise that you promised us Harry?” she asked pointing the microphone towards him.

Harry smiled, “Yes, The girl with Liam is Kate, and next to Niall is Beth,” the both sheepishly smiled at the camera and the lady who hadn’t really introduced herself yet, Harry pulled me close to him and looked down at me, “And this is my lovely Amara”

I blushed and looked down at the ground. Harry pulled my face back up and kissed my check. I broke into a large smile as the noise around me faded, in that moment I saw only Harry, he was still talking to the lady but I didn’t hear him speak I just continued to stare at him. He would look over to me and smile down at me (given the fact that even in heals I was a bit below his eyes), Harry might just be the best thing that I never knew I needed.

“Amara? Darling?” Harry asked shaking my arm a bit.

I looked at everyone staring at me, “What?” I asked looking to the women who stood with a microphone pointed at me and a camera behind that.

“I asked what you were wearing,” she said laughing nervously, but I knew she couldn’t be more nervous then I.

“Um…” I stuttered, Harry answered, “I had someone custom make it for this occasion, nothing too pricey but obviously nothing too cheap, although I’m sure Amara could wear anything and make it look good,” he smiled at me and I sighed thanking everything above that he was here to save me.
Beth broke in next and the lady turned to her, they began talking about her dress, shoes, hair, makeup and jewelry. I stood up placing my lips by Harry’s ear and whispered a quick thank you. He nodded and gave my hand a quick squeeze.

“Well we best go in before we freeze, thank you for interviewing us,” Liam said politely but looked as if he wanted nothing more than to sprint out of there, Kate looked a little uncomfortable but she was also in awe. Looking around at all the people. I reached for Kate with my other hand and gave her arm a squeeze and a quick smile. She flashed one back but kept hold of Liam’s arm as he led her towards the crowds of people waiting around to get autographs from their favorite artists and celebrities. Liam walked over to a crowd of people leaving Kate near Harry and I.

“How are you doing?” I asked lacing her arm in mine so we became like a train.

“A bit nervous but I’m having fun,” she commented keeping her eyes on Liam, “he really likes you, you know that right?”

I nodded, “Liam likes you too Kate, I can tell” a smile spread across her face quickly, and Liam called her over, she walked over to him as he signed more papers and posters, she looked back at me and smiled before standing at his side.


Harry nodded for us to start walking forward, but within a few feet people began screaming and asking for him to sign things or take a picture with them. I walked behind him just watching everything, one of the fans said hello to me, I was quick to smile and say hello back, and then a few more of them started saying hello. I kept responding and holding some hands for a few seconds as they surfaced from the crowd. Then they asked for some pictures, I took as many as I could with all the phones that I could reach, but soon enough Harry walked over to me again and spoke out to the crowd, “I know she is lovely but I need a date for tonight and well I’d like her back please,” I heard some awes from the crowd as Harry slipped his arm around my waist and walked with me towards the building that seemed so big at first, but now seemed so far away.

~1 hour later~

The award show was almost over, but Harry got a call on his phone and had to step out, I sat with Liam and Kate one seat away on my right side, and with Eleanor and Louis on my left. Harry came back over and told me that Elizabeth’s helpers had called and she was really sick, he had to leave. I asked if he wanted me to go with but he didn’t, he wanted to be alone with her in those final moments, which was completely fine with me, but he told me to stick with everyone and gave all the boys a quick handshake before heading back out. I looked back towards where he had left from, he hadn’t said goodbye to me, but again that was understandable as well considering that Elizabeth would be taking her last few breaths soon.

After the award show we all piled into the car and started driving. I had a few more of those drinks and sang a bit when they turned some music on. The night had been fun but had also taken an unexpected turn. By the time we had made in back home and I was in my room it was hard for me to get myself to walk straight, I did make it down to my room and through the door though.

I was met by a sad Harry who sat on the side of my bed looking down at his hands.
“She’s gone,” he said not looking up at me. I sighed and walked into my closet taking my shoes off. Harry came in, “did you hear me?” he asked again, and I didn’t respond as my mind was still processing the first thing he had said to me. Harry walked up to me and pushed me back into the side of my closet with his hands touch the wood above my collar bones inches away from my neck. “DID YOU HEAR ME!” he screamed at me. I instantly snapped out of my daze as my head and back had hit the closet, when he yelled I flinched away from him and tried to engulf myself in the wall so he couldn’t see me. Harry looked up at me and stepped away quickly as I fell to the floor worrying that he would push me back again, I tucked my head into my knees and waited for something else, but nothing came.
My head darted up and noticed that Harry was no longer there, and my door was open. I ran to my door closing it quickly and putting my back to it sinking down to the floor. I felt the tears on my cheeks before I realized that they had escaped my eyes in the first place. I had to pick myself up off of the floor. I walked back into the closet and peeled my dress off of me that seemed two sizes too small currently, next I stepped into my bathroom and removed the makeup from tonight before slipping into the shower. It was a nice feeling to have the hot water on my skin.

But it didn’t take long for me to get too tired to stand, I sunk back down to the tile floor; this was the third time tonight. I couldn’t hold myself up easily after everything that had just happened. The water washed over me for a good while before I was able to stand again. I grabbed my towel and walked out with another small towel holding my hair up. I entered my room to be met by four pairs of eyes, it was Beth, Kate, Perrie and Eleanor.
Beth walked over to me, “Get ready, we are going out!” she walked into my closet and in a minute brought out a gold dress that wasn’t too tight with gold beading and a pair of black simple heals, “you’re wearing this” I sighed and grabbed the clothes stepping into my closet and shutting the door, “Where are we going?” I asked zipping the dress up and grabbing one of my shoes.

“We are going to an after party, our first if you might add,” Beth squealed. I sighed and stepped out of the closet. They all smiled at me and stood up getting ready to go and checking their makeup one last time.

“Ready?” Kate asked hesitantly. I nodded and grabbed her arm pulling her so that we caught up with the rest of the girls.

In about 15 minutes we pulled up to a large house that had tons of cars parked around it and music flooding into the front with lights flashing from inside. I walked with everyone else up to the door where we were stamped with something on our hands and let into the house. Perrie and Eleanor peeled off finding some of their other friends, and Beth left when she saw Taylor and her minions who were quick to give me a dirty look and walk away. Kate found Liam and walked away from me too, so I began walking around the house looking at everything.

There were tons of cups everywhere and a full blown bar in the next room. I walked up to the “bar” and sat down on one of the stools. A women who looked like she didn’t want to be there asked me if I wanted anything and said that I looked sad. I chuckled and shook my head at the drink, she left but came back momentarily with a pink drink in her hand that she placed down in front of me, “drink it, I promise you won’t feel so down after a couple of these.”
It turned out that she was right, after two I felt a lot better, with the third one in my hand I got up off of my stool and began walking around the house again. There was dancing in one room, something weird that produced smoke in another and a few bathrooms most occupying girls who were throwing up everything they had eaten in the last week. I walked into the dancing room and was quick to start, I had become more outgoing due to this angelic but devilish drink. Someone started dancing with me, I closed my eyes and ignored everything but the music that seemed to be exploding from the speakers.

Within minutes the song ended and I turned to face the man who was dancing with me, “wow you’re beautiful” he yelled so I could hear him.

I giggled, “Amara” I put my hand out and he kissed it as if I were a princess.

“Well Amara,” he purred my name, “Would you mind taking a picture of with me, I’m afraid that I’ll forget you after the night and we don’t want that do we?” his words were slurred, so I knew that neither him or I would remember most of this anyway. I nodded and he handed someone his phone, they were quick to take a picture and hand it back to him.


I smiled at him, “What’s your name?”

“Dylan,” he replied, “Where is your phone?” I handed it to him slowly and he put his number in under the name Dylan O’Brien. I laughed thinking that it was odd of him to put his last name in there as well as his first.

“Well Dylan, I’m going to find the girls I came with but it was nice to meet you,” I smiled again, I had been smiling so much tonight and it was getting hard to stop at this point.

Dylan nodded his head slowly it probably throbbed when he did, and said one last thing, “I hope I see you again Amara.”

I nodded to him just as slow as he had before walking off to find Kate. She was walking towards me, “hey we are heading out now.”

“Okay,” I said putting my now empty glass down onto the table that was closest to me.

“You’re breath smells like so much alcohol” she laughed shaking her head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I replied putting a finger up to my lips and making a shushing noise. She just laughed at me again and walked me over to Zayn and Louis who had joined the party and the girls. I saw Harry walking with his arm slung over Taylor’s shoulder as he laughed uncontrollably and exited the party. I got back into the car with everyone and had two more drinks before Kate cut me off and Liam shot me an apologetic look, it seems she had cut him off too.

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