Girls are being snatched up from there homes at night, and torn away from their families. Everyone has heard of it, but she never thought it would happen to her. They call it the cage, there is no way out unless let out it's dark and has no windows. She was kicking and screaming at first but after days she knew nothing was going to happen. They say that the wealthiest of people buy the girls for large sums of money and give them to the sons or whomever they're buying the girls for. They transport the girls from the cage into large homes where is no way out unless you are a worker or a special. Can she become one of the girls who walks in the night air and the light of the camera or will she find out of the worse fate in store for her if she cannot win his favor?


13. Chapter Thirteen

I had seen her dancing with that boy that I had never met and she was laughing like I’d never seen before. I downed six drinks by the time that Taylor got here. We started talking and danced a bit but I asked her to get out of here, ironically we left as Amara did. I was drunk and I thought it was funny so I started laughing and couldn’t stop, Taylor had an uncomfortable laugh too, but you couldn’t tell unless you were right next to us which luckily Amara wasn’t.

Taylor brought me back up to my room, and laid me down on my bed. I pulled her with me so that she was on top of my hips. I pulled myself up close to her face and kissed her, I felt myself rise as she ‘melted’ into my kiss and wrapped her hands around my neck. I managed to roll both Taylor and I around so that she was laying on the bed and I was on top of her hips. She moved her hips so they were pressed against me and I felt myself go wild.

She unbuttoned my shirt that I had been wearing before continuing to kiss my neck. I moaned under her touch and moved her so she was on top again. I used one of my hands to find her zipper on the back of her dress while my other was at the back of her head with my fingers entangled in her hair. The front of her dress fell towards my chest seeing as it was strapless, but the back of it was still on. I grabbed the bottom of it and pulled it towards her ankles quickly leaving Taylor in her bra, underwear and heels.

A shiver ran through my body looking at her, she moved away from my neck and began kissing down my chest until she reached the buttons of my jeans. She smiled up at me and undid my belt, then she pulled my pants down to my ankles and came back up to my neck again, I kicked them off quickly as she laid down at my side waiting for me to get on top of her again. My eyes scanned her body and her smile, I took my place on top of her and began kissing her again. She pulled me down closer to her body so our hips and chest were touching.

Her nails dug slightly into my back and I felt her moan while we kissed. Taylor broke our kiss to look at me, she brought her face up so her lips were by my ear and said, “You don’t need to be good for me Harry,” she then put her lips back on mine giving my bottom lip a bite and moving to kiss my neck.
Well she asked for it.



Even though Kate cut me off at the party, once we got in the limousine everyone including myself had a few more drinks. Liam and Kate sat towards the back of the car with her legs over his and talking close to each other. Beth and Niall were the next closest to them, laughing and holding drinks, and then there was me sitting near the doors that were closest to the driver who luckily was separated from us by some kind of wall. I just wanted to forget tonight; at least the first part of it. Quickly I finished my drink and poured another. Kate looked at me rising an eyebrow at me, while I just held me drink towards her, before downing the one in my hand and pouring a third.

By the time we got home everyone was pretty drunk and my vision was quiet impaired. Ally came out and helped me inside because everyone else had someone to help them except me. She walked me all the way up to my room and tried to help me change. After getting me into bed Ally looked at me while smoothing out my covers, “Is something wrong Amara?” I sat up, looking her directly in the eye. “Something happened with Harry, but it was nothing,” I said looking down at my hands.

“Miss?” Ally paused, “I know you’re lying… It wasn’t really nothing was it”

“No… I would have never guessed that Harry would be that way towards anyone. I know that he is hurt but… I was just so scared Ally…” I broke in that moment. All the feelings that I had been trying to forget with all the drinks tonight came flooding back in those few seconds. I sank back into my bed feeling so small breaking down in front of someone. I felt Ally give my shoulder a squeeze and get up to excuse herself. She knew somehow that being there with me wasn’t going to help. I had sobered up after a couple minutes of hysterical crying.

I dragged myself up from the bed that seemed so small now. I grabbed the “complementary” phone that Harry had given to me, and turned on the music. “Somethin’ Bad” By Maranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood started playing as I put my head phones in and walked to the bathroom. The beat behind their voices was electric and my mood was soon to pick up as I lip sung to the song holding my hand as a fist to be a microphone as I walked back into my bedroom and sorted through my closet.

I put on one of my thousand swim suits. This one was bright pink, the bottoms were a bit small and the top was halter that wrapped twice around my rib cage at the bottom. With my head phones in and my towel in hand I walked out of my room and down to the pool.

They had more money than they knew what to do with. So much in fact that there was a port that I could plug my phone into and press down so it was protected inside the wall of the pool. The music from my phone would play in the water so that was the only place you could hear it. I had learned about it a few weeks ago when I was out exploring the grounds. Not many people came out here, even more so at this time of night. Everyone seemed to be tethered to the house. I swam for around an hour before getting out and grabbing my phone. I had a missed call from Dylan who I had met earlier and two texts from Ally telling me that someone was here to see me. I grabbed my head phones, put them in and wrapped my towel around my shoulders walking inside to the front of the house. Ally stood there with Dylan.

“Hey,” he said looking at me.

“Hey, Ally its fine,” I looked at her and smiling so she knew I was okay. Ally nodded and walked by me, “if he finds out that Dylan is here he will be furious” I nodded and motioned for Dylan to follow me.

“How did you know I would be here?” I asked after we had gotten further down the hall.

“I looked you up,” he admitted, showing me his phone, I saw the picture of us from earlier on his Twitter with the words, ‘help me find this girl’ he laughed, “social media is really good at finding things for people, it’s almost scary”

I laughed, although it was odd that he would go that far to locate me I did find it somewhat brave and a bit flattering. We got to my room and I looked back down from where we had come. There was a camera on the ceiling of the hallway. I glanced up at it, and then opened my door for Dylan and I.

“Give me a minute I have to change,” I said walking into my closet and grabbing a off the shoulder top and some grey yoga pants.

Dylan was walking around my room looking at all the stuff that had been previously placed in here for me. “Nice place you got here,” he said turning around to face me, “you don’t live in one of those whore houses do you?” he asked looking at the flowers on my bedside table.

“No,” I laughed.

“I don’t mean to say that you’re a whore or anything, but this is how majority of them our set up, full of things that make you think someone had settled in their selves but rather it was placed there to give you that impression”

“how did you know this stuff wasn’t mine?” I asked him opening the closet doors and stepping out.

“Well for one everything is too neat for someone to really live here, there are no pictures of you or any family in here, just exotic places, and this place has no real color other than the basic shades of white,” he turned to look at me, “and that closet doesn’t seem to have anything that you would wear on a normal basis out in the open, just expensive dresses and shoes, plus no one normal has a closet that fucking big”

I chuckled, closing the doors, “I’m not living in a whore house, but I did just get here a few months ago I think, so I’m still settling into the place. The only thing I’ve really gotten used to was the pool. Which of course you can’t see from here but still”

“I want to take you out to a party, I can tell you need to get out of here,” he opened the closet doors that I had just closed, and helped himself into my closet. He pulled out a body con black dress and a pair of nude heels, “put some make up on quickly and let’s go”

I walked over to my make-up and did some quick winged eye liner, a few coats of mascara, and a light pink lip color as Dylan walked around my room again and into the bathroom. Taking the chance he had given I slipped out of my other clothes and got into the dress he has picked out. It was short and had small sleeves that went down to my elbows. The shoes were harder to get myself in. I got the first one on by the time Dylan walked back over to me.

“Want some help?” he asked looking down at my shoes. I nodded as I sat back onto my bed and he crouched down holding my shoe. He grabbed the back part of my leg pulling it slowly towards him and bringing his hand down towards the lower part of my leg, then he slipped my foot into the shoe. Dylan stayed there for a minute looking from my shoes back up to my face before getting up and pulling me up with him.

“Let’s get out of here”

I nodded and grabbed a military jacket along with my purse before slipping out of the door quietly with Dylan in front of me.

His car was out in front of the house, it was the same as Harry’s and I had to wonder if everyone had this car who did what Harry does. Dylan opened my door for me before running around to his side and putting the keys in. Ally came out of the house and started running towards us, but Dylan put the car into drive and stepped on the gas. We sped away from Ally as I looked back watching her figure shrink quickly.

“You aren’t kidnapping me are you?” I asked laughing nervously at Dylan who kept his eyes on the road.

“Only for tonight,” he laughed slowing the car as we got onto the main street.

I turned the radio on so we didn’t have to sit in silence together, “Crazy in Love” by Sofia Karlberg came on and I sunk into the music feeling it make me more relaxed. Dylan looked at me flashing a quick smirk and speeding the car up more passing through the traffic in a way that we were never stuck behind a car for more than a few seconds. Within five minutes we pulled up to a large house much like the one from the after party where I met Dylan earlier tonight. He opened my door again and kept his hand on the small of my back walking me through the door. People kept coming up to Dylan and I telling him how nice of a party this was, and how much fun they were having, he kept saying thank you and then dismissing them all.

Girls came up to him left and right, obviously flirting and obviously drunk, it was most boys favorite dream, but he never gave them attention and kept his hand on the small of my back the whole time. We walked into a beautiful and large kitchen where people sat around on countertops and eating the food that was spread out on the other half that weren’t occupied by people. Dylan walked towards a cabinet which he unlocked and handed me a bottle of Vodka, and a bottle of champagne, he locked the cabinet back up and grabbed two shot glasses, and two skinny glasses.

The music that was blaring out of speakers changed to the song from the car and I glanced into the living room where it was loudest to see people dancing on each other. We walked over to another door which had a sign on it that said “Do not enter” Dylan opened the door and motioned for me to walk forward. I was worried, but I trusted him. I ended up standing on a dark staircase, immediately I panicked, being in that small of space without seeing what was really in front of me made my heart rate pick up.

But I felt Dylan next to me, and soon enough a light came on. As we walked up and got to the last step I saw large open windows in front of me with curtains on the far side of the windows. It looked out over the city, and the other half of the room was full of smaller windows, but with real walls so that people couldn’t directly see into the house from the front of it. There was a desk over by the walled area, a closet and a couch. In one corner of the window walls there was a large bed with white covers and stacks of books to the side of it; another couch occupied the other corner of the windowed walls where a large glass coffee table stood.

“It’s beautiful” I said setting the bottles down on the wood floor.

Dylan set the glasses down on the table, “thank you,” he said, “acting and modeling can do more for a person then you’d think” he chuckled to himself.

I sat down on the couch, and looked out towards the city, “this place must have cost a fortune”

“Yes, but well worth all the money I paid for it, but its best early in the morning and late at night when you can watch the sky change all those magnificent colors”

“It must be,” I said still looking out at the view, “shouldn’t we be down at your party though?”

Dylan looked at me and smiled, “we can go if you want I just figured you might want to be away from all the noise, you don’t seem much like the party type”

I nodded, because I really wasn’t. But with this lifestyle that I had been thrown into I had learned how to be, “just give me a few of those and I’ll be fine,” I said pointing to the shot glasses he had, and grabbing the bottles that were on the ground.

After about four shots Dylan and I made our way downstairs where the music was still blaring just as loud as when I had first arrived. I pulled him to the dance floor and we began to movie to the music. He wasn’t the best dancer of all time, but he did know how to move. The music seemed to get louder around us and soon enough I was dancing just as I had at the party when I met Dylan. I felt his hands snake around holding onto my hips. I fell into Dylan putting my head back towards his neck and moving my body to the beat.

The song slowed down playing “Earned it” by The Weekend, and majority of the bodies moved away while one couple came up and began dancing. Dylan and I watched them for a minute before he pulled me onto the floor and began to copy their movements. I had done dancing a lot in my spare time when I was younger, so luckily it was easy for me to pick up on the movements, and he didn’t seem to have any problem keeping up either. More people came in doing the same dance we were, it seemed so much like a movie that if I hadn’t been there myself I couldn’t have believed it. We danced until the song ended.

Dylan pulled me aside and asked me to wait where I was standing, I agreed, and he hurried off. When he came back to me people were leaving the party and within minutes the house was empty.

“I’ll clean up tomorrow, come with me,” he said grabbing my hand and pulling me upstairs with him.

The sun was appearing on the horizon, Dylan poured me a glass of champagne and we sat on his coach. He was resting with his back towards the back of it and I sat with my head on his shoulder, and so there we sat drinking champagne and watching the sun rise.

I felt myself fall asleep after we had finished the bottle.


The next morning I woke up on the coach with Dylan. I was right next to him with my head and my arms on his chest. His arm was wrapped around my waist and a blanket was covering our bodies. I closed my eyes quickly, squeezing them shut due to the light that was coming through the curtains. I opened them again slowly looking around his room again, it seemed so different in the light although I knew that nothing had changed.

I needed to get home, they were probably worried about me, and I didn’t have my phone. I nudged Dylan, who groaned, “hey” he said in his morning voice, I had to admit that it was very intoxicating. It made me not want to get up, to just stay here.

“Hey sleepy, I have to go, it’s 7 in the morning,” I said sitting up.

“That means we only got a couple hours of sleep, it’s like murder to get someone up after that little sleep,” he replied sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

“I know, but I have some people who aren’t going to be too happy that I didn’t come home last night, so I need to get back,” I laughed getting up and pulling my dress down so my butt wasn’t falling out of it. I grabbed my jacket and my shoes slipping them on quickly.

“Okay okay, I’m going” he got up and walked over to his closet grabbing another shirt, “Go get yourself cleaned up and I’ll make some coffee to go” I heard his footsteps pad down the stairs when I stepped into the bathroom doorway that stood off by the coach. I fixed my make up, and quickly used the rest room before washing my hands and pulling my hair into a ponytail.

My heels sounded extremely loud as I walked down the stairs, his house was so quiet! Dylan was in the kitchen looking at his computer and sipping out of a coffee mug.

“Hey,” I said grabbing the mug from next to him and looking at the screen, there was a bunch of pictures from last night. Most of them were of people I hadn’t even seen, but there was a large handful of Dylan and me. There was ones from us walking through the door, holding the bottles, going upstairs, and dancing together, “Well I guess we aren’t very good at blending in” I laughed, sipping more of the coffee.

“Hey,” he replied turning to me, “I hope you don’t get in trouble for the party, I wouldn’t want you to because of me” Dylan closed his computer and put his finished cup in the sink, “like I said, I’ll clean up later” he seemed relatively calm for it all. I had seen Harry angry and I knew he probably wouldn’t like this if he got wind of it. We walked out the door and got into Dylan’s car.

“Thanks for the coffee,” I said trying to make small talk.

“Anytime,” he said looking at the road in front of him, “just give me a ring,” he laughed looking to me quickly and flashing a bright smile

“Thanks” I said again looking away from Dylan

“You said that already,” he laughed putting his arm down next to mine and holding the top of his wheel with one hand. He was starting to look more and more like a speed racer.

“I know, I just really needed last night,” I replied, moving my fingers around next to his hand

“Again anytime,” he giggled, “But right now you have to get out, we are home… well you’re home,” Dylan stopped the car and turned to me again, “It was great having you around, really brought the place up, you know?”

“Well you know where to find me,” I said winking at him

He jumped out of the car and walked around to my side, opening the door. I stepped out with the morning sun hitting my new house, it looked really nice, how ironic; I didn’t want to go back, but if I hadn’t I would be in much more trouble than I am going to be walking in now. I smiled at Dylan, he was looking back down at me now. His face started inching towards me, just has Harry’s did the other week.

“Amara!” I heard Harry’s voice behind me, “Amara! Get over here right now”

I felt myself shrink away from Dylan, who protectively moved me behind him with his arm in front of my torso. Harry stalked over to us and got up in front of Dylan’s face, too close for my comfort, but Dylan didn’t move a muscle. If anything, the only thing about him that changed is that he moved me directly behind his back so I wasn’t looking directly at Harry anymore.

“Is there an issue here?” Dylan asked, straightening out his chest.

“Not if you know what is good for you,” Harry responded giving Dylan the up and down, “you’re the one that took Amara last night? I should be pressing charges!”

Dylan laughed, “You’re going to press charges on me?!” he looked appalled by Harry’s remark, “I’ve heard a lot about you Styles, I know what kind of person YOU are. I know what you do to people, you and you’re bunch of stupid friends!” Dylan got close to Harry’s face, I saw their jaws clench and their fists tighten up.

“And you’re any better Mr. high and mighty Dylan O’Brien? The womanizer? The convict, you’ve been in more trouble than anyone else, everyone knows that. You’re just taking advantage of yet another innocent girl. I went to high school with you loser! I remember everything you did so get your ass away from my house and away from Amara!” Harry stood his ground

“How’s Lizzy? Do you still mix up her name? Because I remember that too, don’t you?! But you got what you wanted. Yeah! You had your hooks deep in her something horrible. And she never got away from you, as she told me; you are THE WORST THING to EVER happen to that poor girl!” Dylan stared at Harry, not breaking their gaze.


How could Dylan and Harry be connected, and what does Liz have to do with them?

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