Girls are being snatched up from there homes at night, and torn away from their families. Everyone has heard of it, but she never thought it would happen to her. They call it the cage, there is no way out unless let out it's dark and has no windows. She was kicking and screaming at first but after days she knew nothing was going to happen. They say that the wealthiest of people buy the girls for large sums of money and give them to the sons or whomever they're buying the girls for. They transport the girls from the cage into large homes where is no way out unless you are a worker or a special. Can she become one of the girls who walks in the night air and the light of the camera or will she find out of the worse fate in store for her if she cannot win his favor?


5. Chapter Five

After dinner we headed back to our rooms. I quickly slipped into shorts and a t-shirt and began to settle in for another night sleep, but before I could be swept away by the magical thing we call sleep there was a knock at my door. “Come in?” I said covering my bare legs with my blanket, before me stood one of the boys I had met earlier. He had shaggy brown hair and a five o’clock shadow, walking over to me awkwardly he spoke up, “My name is Louis, erm... We met earlier, ummm… I wanted to- well Harry wanted me to give you this,” he silently handed me a long silver box with a note on top of it signed with Harry’s name. I patted the bed and he sat on the edge of it at the farthest point away from me possible. I couldn’t help in anymore, the silence was just making it worse I had to ask him, “Who is Harry? Why did some girl say that I’d be out on the street and who is Elizabeth”
He laughed and shook his head, “you ask a lot of questions Amara. Harry can tell you about himself if he wishes he knows himself better than anyone of us know him. In fact I’m sure he wouldn’t mind talking about himself come to think of it. You met my Eleanor, and Perrie right? Well Elizabeth is like them, they’re mine and Zayn’s favorites while Elizabeth is Harry’s. But she is dying, and she asked Harry to find someone new after she passes, which is why Harry doesn’t normally pay attention to people like you and Taylor who I’m sure tried to intimidate you. Elizabeth just wants Harry to be happy and she thinks that this is the only way to do it. The girls who don’t get picked aren’t thrown out onto the street, we have better morals than that,” he chuckled and under his breath mumbled, “most of the time,” shaking his head he got back to my questions, “the girls get sent to a nice home some even choose to live together, they sign something that keeps them quiet and then I don’t know what happens to them. Assuming that Harry dislikes Taylor as much as she thinks he likes her and she isn’t picked as a favorite she will still be around in the eye of the media, but not in the house. She starting singing and Harry gave her a way of production so that her music sells and he sets aside all of the money for her in case she isn’t picked. Elizabeth is a bit pf a touchy subject that I would suggest to avoid with Harry because as far as conversations about her they end up mostly with yelling, but it’s not my place to tell you about her; other than what you already know.”
I nodded but I wish he could have told me more. “I’m going to go now, I have to get back to El, have a good rest of your night Amara” I gave him a wave as he exited my room. My curiosity got the best of me as I opened the box to find a simple diamond necklace, next I opened the note which read; “I’ll pick you up at 12, don’t be asleep.” The note was simple and the necklace was beautiful and I couldn’t help but continuously stare at it.

I walked over to my mirror putting the necklace on before shuffling through my walk in closet picking out things that could go with this necklace and still look like something I would wear. After putting them aside in an open space for the next time I could dress how I wanted, but to Missy’s dismay. Next I pulled the fanciest dresses I could find and turned the radio up loudly, I didn’t care if Beth and Kate were sleeping I was having so much fun dancing around and trying on all these fancy dresses, by the time I’d gotten through half of the dresses I stopped realizing that this was the most at home I had felt in this place.
I heard clapping from behind me, “Don’t stop on my account,” it was Harry. I looked at the ground quickly as my face became a bright shade of crimson and Harry’s toes appeared in my line of vision, I began to look up, “you do that a lot you know? Looking down at the ground I mean,” his comment just made me look down at the ground again and I heard him chuckle. “Why won’t you look at me? Paul says you have some beautiful eyes but apparently we haven’t been introduced yet, I’ll start… my eyes want you to know that they say hello and they think that you’re the most beautiful thing in this room, including that darling necklace,” his comment made me blush a darker shade of red than before but this time when I went to hide my face again he lifted my chin up and looked into my eyes, “you don’t have to hide from me Amara, I’m not here to hurt you or take advantage of you.”
I scoffed at him pushing my face out of his hands and looking at him dead on, “Why did you bring me here then? You take girls away for your own amusement to hope that you can find love, well I’m not like Beth okay or Taylor for that matter. I’m not going to worship the ground you boys walk on. That’s what you are, boys, because men don’t play with women as if they’re toys that’s what boys do. What you do is wrong in so many ways Styles. I’d never be able to tare families apart because I can’t find anyone to love me,” I sighed finishing my long needed rant. In fact all of my anger and frustration had manifested into this speech I don’t know where it came from. As I looked over at Harry standing before me I realized that what I said might have taken more of a toll on him then I had thought. He stood there shocked and unable to move. “I’m going to-” Harry started.
“No Harry look, I’m sorry that came out harsher than I wanted it to. It’s just that you took me away from my family, from everyone I knew. You’ve spent your life doing these things and I don’t understand why” I was trying to be more careful with how I was talking to him as not to offend him again.
He sat down on the edge of my bed and sighed, “Amara, there are many things you don’t know about me and I asked you to stay awake tonight so I could introduce you into my world. I see something in you that I saw in Elizabeth when we were younger. I bet you didn’t know that hmm that I grew up with Elizabeth; I wasn’t forced to love her, I did that all on my own. I made sure I would have time to get to know all of the girls that Paul brought for me. I’m not as horrible as you might think. Now please… will you change into something less… expensive? I’ll be waiting outside when you’re ready; I have something I want to show you.”
Harry slipped out of the room and I walked back over to the closet putting my dresses away so they wouldn’t be crinkled, I wasn’t in the mood to face the wrath of Missy. I picked out a light blue muscle tee and cropped yoga pants. I opened the door expecting to see an empty hallway but instead I was startled by Harry, who was wearing a white shirt with black hearts on it, black skinny jeans and a black suit jacket. He grabbed my hand and ran with me dragging behind him heading deeper and deeper into the house. Soon he opened a door and I found myself outside by a large pool and a large garden behind that.

I could tell Harry was watching for my reaction because I heard him chuckle at me covering my mouth in awe. He slipped his hand in mine again and started walking around the pool with him between me and the pool.
“You looked funny when you saw this place” Harry piped up.
I shoved him lightly, “shut up, it’s beautiful. I wish I could wake up to this view every day!” He pushed back lighter than I had, “you can if you’d like, I can move you and the girls you came with so you can all look out to the pool and use it whenever you wished. But not to worry sweetheart, I’ll give you the best view” he winked at me. I shoved him with him hands hitting his biceps. I must have shoved him over harder than I had originally thought for the next thing I heard was a large splash, and before I knew what was happening I was in the water as well. Sputtering as I came up for air I splashed water in the direction that I thought Harry would still be, but getting a large wave of water from my left side I knew he was moving, and fast. I splashed again in front of me after a moment’s pause knowing that he would be moving in that direction and that soon enough he would recover to splash me once again. I quickly wiped my eyes and I saw Harry, with his hair down around his eyes and a puppy dog face plastered to where his smile was earlier, but it didn’t last for long because I couldn’t help myself and began crying with laughter. Harry was quick to splash me again, but I swam away. I looked back to see Harry out of the pool, he set his coat down on a chair that stayed at the pools side. Next he unbuttoned his shirt and placed it next to the coat turning back around to reveal his tattoos. I assumed he would come back in now so I readied myself for the next attack, but he shimmied out of my jeans before diving back into the pool. I couldn’t see him and had no idea where he had gone until he grabbed my feet and pulled me under. When I got back up for air and had wiped my eyes I felt a small splash from my right I turned to see Harry lunging at me wrapping his arms around my waist throwing us both back under. He never let go of my waist until we were both up above the surface again, then keeping his hands around my waist he pulled back to look at me, I met his eyes as he whispered to me, “there are those pretty eyes Paul was talking to me about,” he took one of his hand off of my waist and lifted my chin up again like he had done earlier tonight. I tried to put my eyes down again but his face came closer to mine and before I knew it his lips were on mine. After a minute of heavy kissing I pulled back looking at Harry who was dazed for a minute, “Oh my. I’m so sorry Amara, I didn’t mean to overstep boundaries with you, I honestly do care for you, and I want to be with you. But Elizabeth is still here, so I can’t tell you what will happen. Will you come with me sometime to meet her, I’m sure she would love you!” he sounded truly excited for me to meet her so I couldn’t say no; instead I nodded and began to get out of the pool. When I was out I realized that both my pants and my shirt hung tighter to my skin than before. I quickly moved grabbing a towel that sat at another pool side chair, Harry didn’t move. “Are you coming? Because I have no idea how to get out of here and back to my room,” I nervously chuckled. Harry looked at me, “I’ll be out in a minute, but you can take one of the tablets that are by the door, they have a map of the house on there, take it and find your way back if you need to go right now.”
 A map of the house! I can get out of here!

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