Girls are being snatched up from there homes at night, and torn away from their families. Everyone has heard of it, but she never thought it would happen to her. They call it the cage, there is no way out unless let out it's dark and has no windows. She was kicking and screaming at first but after days she knew nothing was going to happen. They say that the wealthiest of people buy the girls for large sums of money and give them to the sons or whomever they're buying the girls for. They transport the girls from the cage into large homes where is no way out unless you are a worker or a special. Can she become one of the girls who walks in the night air and the light of the camera or will she find out of the worse fate in store for her if she cannot win his favor?


11. Chapter Eleven


Harry walked into Liz’s room, when he saw me his eyes widened for a quick second. I looked down at my lap as he walked over to her and set his hands on her shoulders; she looked up at him and gave him a light kiss on the lips. Harry walked to the table that sat between us and grabbed a cookie before munching on it with a happy smile dancing on his lips. Liz smiled radiantly at him, I knew she really loved him, everything that I saw her do while he was here I could just tell. “I’m going to go check on Ally and Missy, they are probably looking for me, thank you for letting me have some lunch with you Liz, it was fun,” I was trying to rush myself out before they started making conversation with me. It’s too awkward for me to be in their room with them. I’m just her replacement, which is the only purpose I serve here in this god offal house. Walking out of the room I walked back towards where I had originally came from and realized that I couldn’t get back down to my floor because Louis was the one who got me up here in the first place and then I got myself down somehow before going back up again. I was mixing myself up and I had left my bag in my retreat from Liz and Harry’s room, pacing back and forth I thought about going back to get my bag but I didn’t want to because it would make things even more awkward. Hearing footsteps from behind me I leaned my back onto the wall and looked in the direction that the footsteps were coming from. Harry appeared a few seconds later carrying my bag, “You forgot this,” he laughed handing me the bag he previously held in his arms, “you know you didn’t have to rush out so quickly,” Harry pointed out looking at me curiously.

“Yes I did Harry, it was so weird in there for me. I’m your replacement Elizabeth, and she is so amazing and so nice, I understand why you fell in love with, and now she is sick and dying,” I shook my head, “I don’t understand why you would let her convince you to find a new love, because if I were you I could never love someone else after I loved someone like how Elizabeth loves you. She loves you so much Harry, you must know that don’t you? And spending time with me and the others while she is still here, feels like cheating, I won’t be any part of that,” finishing my sentences I took a rather large breath and looked at Harry who stood there silently.

“May I speak?” he asked taking a step closer to me, I nodded and he continued, “I love Elizabeth just as much as she loves me, and like I already told you, I tried to get out this, but she wanted this and pulled the whole ‘my last wish’ card, which by the way she pulls every time she wants something,” he smirked as the memories of all those times flickered behind his eyes, “She is celebrating her life every day, it might be in the most rational way but it is her own way. Remember when I gave you that necklace; I was wearing a black shirt with white heart, which seemed fancy for 12 at night right? Well I had gotten back from taking Liz out, and I was telling her about you. She was the one who told me to send that necklace and go talk to you,” he stopped looking at me for a second and then talking again, “you still wear that necklace, I see it on you every day and even now here it is right around your neck resting on your collar,” he was right I did wear the necklace every day.

“I just… I don’t get it Harry,” I sighed; this whole conversation was beginning to go in circles.

“Well let me clear it up for you,” Harry said walking towards me putting his hand on my jaw with his fingers behind my ear and his thumb on my cheek. I looked to the side at his hand then back up at Harry, his head moved down towards my face and our lips met. He began kissing me carefully before taking his other hand and wrapping it around my waist, I felt myself relax into his kiss, and before I knew it I was kissing him too with one of my hands on his neck and the other draped over his shoulder. Harry stepped back slowly after what seemed like hours, “Is that clear Amara? “ my name sounded like silk on his lips.

“Crystal” I said back, Harry took my hand and started walking down the hallway.

“Let’s get you to Ally and Missy,” pulling out a key card he slid it into one of the spaces by the elevator doors, they opened and we stepped inside. The ride was quick down to my floor as we stepped off Harry gave me another kiss and handed me my bag, “This is where I leave you, I have to get ready too you know, it takes a while to look this good,” chuckling he handed me the bag that I had never reached for earlier.

I laughed and give him a kiss on the cheek before away from the elevator doors and curtseying. He bowed back as the doors closed. I turned to see Ally standing there with a pile of clothes on the ground in front of her and her mouth open in awe. I chuckled and walked over to her, “shh” I said holding my pointer finger up to my mouth. She mimicked my action and then squealed loudly, but realizing what she let escape her lips she mimicked the action again and smiled to herself. We cleaned up the clothes and walked back into my room where Missy was laying out different red and brown eye shadows. We still had big smiles plastered to our faces and Missy was quick to comment, “What has you two so happy?”

I laughed, “Just excited for tonight,” Ally nodded from behind me and began putting my clothes away that I had picked up earlier.

My hair was pulled into a bun with some light strands falling out which they ended up pinning back to my head, my makeup was light tonight. Black eyeliner, and three brown shades, each lighter than the other painted my eyelids. They gave me a light berry colored lipstick and two brushes of both rose blush and bronzer. Then moving to my eyebrows, they waxed, and plucked then shaped them and filled them in with and eyebrow pencil and some eyebrow powder. Finally they put illuminator under my eyebrows, on the innermost corner of my eye, and bits on my nose and forehead.

“Hair and makeup done,” Ally said taking a step back and looking at me, “have you practiced walking yet?”

“Yes, well as much as I could,” I replied laughing.

Ally and Missy brought over my dress, slipping me into it and checking to make sure everything fit just right, next the shoes, which frankly was the more difficult part.

They were tall silver strappy heals, which I had to buckled into twice. They straps crisscrossed a few times over my feet and up by my ankle.  Missy sat me down carefully and Ally grabbed one of my feet, opening the straps and sliding the shoe onto my foot. In about two minutes I had both of my fancy shoes on; Missy grabbed my face and put on a few more sweeps of blush, bronzer and mascara.

“There, our masterpiece is done,” Missy said stepping back, “Now remember, smile, don’t fall over, try not to embarrass us, and stay with Harry”. Her last words of advice seemed odd, but I trust Missy and Ally.

Ally stood over by the door, “I think it’s time Amara,” I walked over to Ally and she whispered to me, “have fun, I’ll be by later to check on you and see how it went.” I smiled and nodded to Ally before stepping out of room to see Harry standing close to the door and rubbing the back of his neck while he looked at the ground. But he heard me step closer to him causing Harry to look up, standing back to look at me fully his eyes widened and his smile began to take up more and more of his face.

“You look beautiful,” a small voice came from behind Harry, it was Elizabeth. If things couldn’t get more awkward she stepped forward and grabbed Harry’s hand, “I’m going to walk you too out,” Harry shrugged and gave me a look that had ‘I’m sorry’ written all over it. I hooked my arm are Harry’s and walked towards the front door.

Time to see if the Harry Edward Styles is all people say he is cracked up to be…

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