heart attack

hi my name is Ariana Tomlinson and yes I am the sister of Louis . im also famous like Louis . discover Ariana's life of how she fell in love with one of the boys


6. Secret

Ariana's p.o.v

I was lying in my room crying when I heard a knock  " come in " I saw a worried Harry standing there " hey" he said " Harry I'm not in the mood" I said clutching my pillow " sorry it's just that Im worried about you I looked at him with disbelief " worried about me?" I yelled " ha coming from the asshole who wouldn't give a shit if I was on FIRE" he looked like he was gonna burst out crying " way to go ari " I said to myself . I sighed " Harry I didn't mean it it's just... No guy except Louis was ever worried about me" he smiled " well then, those guys are total idiots for letting a beautiful girl like you go " I blushed . During the past few days in this beach house I was keeping a secret from Harry . And the secret is........ 


Sorry I haven't been updating since FOREVER that's because I have a lot of studying but since I'm sick with the stomach flu and I have to stay home from school for a week I thought now will be perfect . Anyway remember to like , comment , and become a fan . Ohh and also read my other movellas called . Am I in love and I'm in love with zayns sister.

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