heart attack

hi my name is Ariana Tomlinson and yes I am the sister of Louis . im also famous like Louis . discover Ariana's life of how she fell in love with one of the boys


4. on the bus

Louis p. o. v

we are already on the bus everyone is asleep except for me then I heard a bang then a moan I grabbed a flashlight and then I saw a figure ''Ariana?'' ''louis'' ''what are you doing awake'' I asked

'' I was sleeping then I got hungry it was really dark then I hit something and yahh'' i sighed ''go back to bed'' i ordered she went to bed slowly with her head down .

Ariana's p . o. v

''go back to bed'' Louis ordered i slowly went to bed with my head down but bumped into a sleepy Harold ''what happened '' he said in a husky sleepy voice ''nothing'' i said shaking my head and went to my bunk

                                        NEXT MORNING !!!!!

i w oke up to Louis shaking me ''whaaatt'' i whined '' we arrived at they beach house '' he whispered i slowly opened my eyes and saw Louis looking down at me and smiling ''we were thinking of going swimming in the beach wanna come'' he asked ''Louis first we need to see the house unpack then we can go swimming'' i said doing the numbers with my hands

''alright get ready '' i went to the bathroom and dressed into this


we got out of the bus and i saw the most beautiful beach house ive ever seen it looks like this

it was so cool . i we went inside and saw the boys on the x box obviously i went to the room which is the girliest it was a baby blue colour with a white walk in closet . it took me so long to unpack but i did it i heard splashing outside . i looked out the window to see the boys playing in the beach Louis caught me and yelled ''hey,ari come enjoy the fun with us'' ''ill be there in a minute '' i yelled back , i walked into my closet and took out the first bikini i saw it looked like this :

i went outside and everyone [except for Louis and zayn ] stared at me and i think i see harry drooling i gave them a weird/smiling look and went in the water then i felt a splash on me i turned and saw that annoying evil smirk on harry's face i stared shocked then i felt my lips turn into a cheeky grin i splashed harry right in the face and he looked shocked ''see man, you don't mess with a Tomlinson '' Louis joked

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