heart attack

hi my name is Ariana Tomlinson and yes I am the sister of Louis . im also famous like Louis . discover Ariana's life of how she fell in love with one of the boys


5. i cant love her

Harry's p. o. v

she looked so beautiful in that bikini wow wow wow harry don't think like that . she splashed me in the face i was shocked ''see man you don't mess with a tomlinson'' Louis joked all the boys laughed  i playfully smacked lou above his head ,i turned to Ariana ''do you seriously wanna mess with me right now '' i said raising she gave me an evil grin ''oh its on'' i kept splashing water on her and she kept splashing water on me until finally she lost her balance and fell backwards on the water ''is it funny now'' i said smirking she laughed ''whats so funny'' i asked confused ''this'' suddenly she yanked on the arm and i fell on the water she laughed harder i stared at her for a while shes so beautiful , the way her eyes crinkle when she laughed the way she laughs is adorable and to top it off her dimples pop out when she smiles shes the most beautiful person ive ever seen my thoughts were interrupted with rain ''i think its time to go back to the house'' liam said we all got up and ran ..wait.. wheres ari iturned around and saw her standing there staring at the rain ''ari'' she turned around and looked at me with a face i could not explain and tears were rolling down her eyes i felt worried ''not this again'' Louis  said we went outside picked up Ariana and brought her inside . we all gave her worried looks she ran out the house we ran after her . we couldn't find her . then i found her surrounded with paparazzi i ran to her and carried her bridal style ''harry , are you and Ariana dating'' one of the paparazzi asked i looked at him and ran away from them . she started crying on my chest but why was she crying . i brought her to the boys ''Ariana , don't ever run like that away again you scared me'' Louis said worried we all went inside i wanted to know what happened that made her cry did Louis know maybe i should ask him ''Louis why was Ariana crying''

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