heart attack

hi my name is Ariana Tomlinson and yes I am the sister of Louis . im also famous like Louis . discover Ariana's life of how she fell in love with one of the boys


2. how dare they

Ariana's p. o.v

I was peacefully sleeping when I felt someone in my room ''I don't think this is a good idea'' a husky british voice whispered it sounds like harry '' would you relax its fine '' that sounds like Louis before I could do anything I felt a cold splash hit my face  I squealed I looked at the two maniacs laughing ''youre so gonna pay for that'' I said angrily ''RUUNNN'' Louis screamed I chased then around the whole house until I bumped into niall ''oh sorry niall''

''its okay, why r u soaking wet''

'' Louis and harry splashed water on me''

'' are you okay''

''yah im fine'' he smiled then walked off . I went to my closet to get some clothes and quikly went to the bathroom before anyone else I took a shower , dried my hair then changed into this:

I heard a whistle I turned to see a smirking harry I rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen . I grabbed a carrot and sat down I can feel liam , niall,and , zayn staring at me ''what?'' I asked confused '' you know , youre a lot like youre brother'' liam said . I taught he was supposed to be the smart one ''look liam..'' I was cut off by my phone ringing it was simon

[s :simon, a: Ariana]

a: hello

s : hello ariana

a: hey simon

s : I just called to tell you that you and the boys are going on tour

a: really where

s: to America

a: for how long

s: three months

a: okay, should I tell the boys

s: yes Ariana that would be lovely

a: alright bye uncle si

s: bye Ariana

           END CALL 

 '' who was it'' niall asked

 '' oh just simon telling us that were going on tour''

 ''really where'' Louis asked walking into the kitchen

  ''america''I answered him

   '' how long'' harry asked behind him

  ''3 months any more questions '' I asked annoyed  they stayed quiet

  ''good, now if you excuse me im gonna go pack'' I said getting up

''ohh and ari , make sure to bring a swimsuit were going to be staying in a beach house'' harry said I can tell he was smirking when he said that I gave him a 'don't go to far you perv ' look 

then went to un pack

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