heart attack

hi my name is Ariana Tomlinson and yes I am the sister of Louis . im also famous like Louis . discover Ariana's life of how she fell in love with one of the boys


3. could get that image of my head

harry's p. o. v

I woke up to the sun flashing in my eyes ''rise and shine'' I heard a girl voice yell  .Ariana . I groaned ''come on everyone else is up'' she said yanking my blanket ''Ariana just go makeout with gay people and let me sleep '' I yelled at her '' well someone slept on the wrong side of the bed'' and with that she stormed out of my room . was that too much..nahh.. shell get over it .

Ariana's p. o. v

it really hurt me what harry said but why do I care he's just an pain in the ass . I went to the kitchen to see everyone on the telly within ellen . ''omg, I love this show'' I said sitting next to Louis and zayn ''welcome fellow ellenor'' niall joked .Louis looked down ''niall!'' I yelled ''ohh sorry man didn't mean to mention youre ex'' ''its fine '' he said still looking down I haven't seen him upset since that hoe dumped him ''I swear if I see that bitch elenore again im gonna fuck her up'' they all stared at me ''youre gonna fuck her'' Louis asked confused ''nooo'' I yelled ''I mean im gonna beat her up'' ''ohhhhhh'' they all said I facepalmed myself ''boys'' I said rolling my eyes and went to the bathroom . I opened the door and saw harry naked I screamed and slamed the door I stood there leaning against the door and breathing hard I felt him on the door and chuckling I kicked the door hard ''owww'' he whined and I laughed I went to my room but images of his naked body kept flashing in my brain I couldn't get that image out of my head

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