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This is just a place where I will talk about things you request through a comment, a mention or a mumble. I will give you advise and I will do book reviews if you want. You only have to request your story, poem, topic or whatever you want. Please comment and favourite. I promise to respond to everyone's request. I will also do segments on very serious topics. #askKelly


2. Things I Do When I'm Bored

Well, I just got my first question and I decided to immediately respond. And no, you lovely person that asked this question, it's not lame. So I'll just jump right in and answer.

So the question was 'What do you do when you're bored?'

It depends. If I'm by myself then I get creative. I either write a poem or story or just sit back and watch a movie. Sometimes I just text or I just socialize on networks like, twitter or play games or just go in a chat room. Sometimes I just go through the pictures on we heart it and heart things I like.

But if I'm with my friends then we do some thing mischievous. My friends and I are all about laughs and jokes and having fun. I mean we're sixteen and seventeen year olds we love causing trouble and having a blast or just laughing at people. When you're bored the best way to immediately change the mood is to surround yourself with people, especially if you have kick ass, funny friends.

Or if I'm around family then that works too because my sister and cousin are extremely cool to hang around with, like, they are just constant laughs. I love them. But overall, when you're bored the best thing to do is something of your interest. If you dance, then dance. If you sing, sing. If you draw, draw. Or if you write then write but if you're a socialite then you definitely need to be around people.

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