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12. Keeping it in the Friend Zone

Problem Definition: I'm good friends with a guy, how do I be nice to him with out sending the wrong message that I like him?

I only have one thing to say to you, 'Keep him in the friend zone.' Keep things strictly friendly and by that I mean no flirting. At all.

Refer to him as 'bro' and 'dude' to keep things on a friendly level. Tell him things like 'You're like my brother or dad', that will make it clear that you see him like family. Girls tend to be nervous and tense around guys they like so get comfortable around him.

Give him girl advice. This will make him see that you don't care for him like that because you're comfortable helping him get other girls. Try and bring up the type of guys you like and describe them letting him know that he's not any of the categories or even most.

Avoid going to romantic places with him, taking romantic gifts from him and doing romantic things with him. In the early stages of your friendship, try being around other friends with him to make him know he's just like the rest, a friend.

Lastly, just be up front and tell him that you aren't interested in being in a relationship with him and that you just want to be friends. It might be a bit harsh but the truth hurts and it's best not to lead him on. If he's a friend worth keeping, he'll respect your decision.

I wish you the best!

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