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6. How to Help your friend get over a break up

Problem Definition: Can you give me an answer for this situation? Ok, so my friend has 'gotten over' a guy but she is always looking off into the distance! AND she always brings out this card he got her. HELP ME! 

Well dear friend, obviously you friend isn't over this guy. Sometimes when people hold on to or speak about things they receive from past relationships it's because they don't want to let go of these relationships. This being said, your friend misses this guy.

There are only two things you can do here. Either get them back together if they left each other for a lame reason and you think they are nice together or you can help her get over him.

You could have a girl's night or just watch soppy movies and cry and get her to confess about how she really feels. Or you could just make her laugh nonstop so she doesn't even have time to think about this guy. Or you could gather a group of close friends and you all do something she finds fun, to make her forget about him.

Just find some way to distract her or talk it out. Maybe you can both make fun of him. Talk about his bad qualities or laugh about his ugliness, even if he's damn hot. Get her to make fun of him and point out that's why she's better off by herself. 

You could even try to get her to throw darts at a picture of him or rip up a picture of him, it helps a bit. Or maybe you could introduce her to a hot British boy band that I hear are stealing hearts, One Direction (they stole mine). Or anyone she might be interested in. Or if she already is a fan of someone, show her loads of hot pictures of the person (like Theo James, he's gorgeous).

Yeah, you could try one of these or all and if it doesn't work then give her time to recover from this break up. Give her time to actually get over him.

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