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8. How to get your crush to notice you?


Problem Definition: I have a crush on this guy, who well, is a lead in the musical. I'm in the musical, too. I think he likes me, but I also think I'm getting mixed signals. How can I get him to notice me? What should I do?


Well this calls for flirting games! I think you should mess with his head a bit. Probably be a bit more bold and if he approaches you then play coy. I don't know, just glance at him every now and then, send a slight smile and a flirty wink if you can do one of those (it's awesome, I can't though).


If he approaches you then play fool, like your clueless of what you're doing. You can drop little hints here and there, compliment him a bit. I'm sure there are other guys in the musical, try being friendly around them and observe his actions. You could try to stand out more and capture his attention. If you catch him staring at you, smile or blush if you want. Send him mixed signals like what he sends you. Hopefully he'll break and come to you.


But if you one of those bold girls then you could go up to him yourself and make it obvious how you feel as long as you can deal with the heartbreak if he doesn't feel the same. But personally, I think flirting is fun and I would strongly recommend you go for the flirting way. You'll have fun ;)

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