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20. How to be More Confident

Problem Definition: Hi I'm always really shy and I don't have much confidence, but I want to have confidence! How do I get it? Like how do I be more confident in myself?

Well hello, you're new! Thank you for submitting this question.

There's really only one answer to this and it's that you just have to believe in yourself. You have to know that you are beautiful and a wonderful person. You have to accept the way you are, know that this is you and this is the way you are and you're okay with it. That there's nothing you would change about yourself because as Bruno Mars said 'Girl you're amazing, just the way you are.'

You should try looking at yourself in the mirror. Hey, you can try this: stand infront of a mirror completey naked and look at all your flaws, study them and know them inside and out and then accept them. Accept that this is how you are and you are happy with it. If you know and accept all your flaws then there is absolutely nothing that anyone can tell you to embarrass you and hurt you. That solves the physical part. For your personality, you should take out a paper and write down all your bad habits and good habits, the good things and qualities about you and the bad ones and then look at the bad ones, you can either accept that this is how you are or you can change them.

You just have to accept yourself how you are and no one can make you accept yourself but you. Just trying complimenting yourself every now and then. Pass a mirror and say 'I look hot today or I'm beautiful!.' If you're okay with yourself then you should be confident and have no problem there but if you happen to be okay with yourself and you're still shy then nothing's wrong with that because one day you'll come out of your shell. Just let it happen naturally.

I really hope this helps.

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