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This is just a place where I will talk about things you request through a comment, a mention or a mumble. I will give you advise and I will do book reviews if you want. You only have to request your story, poem, topic or whatever you want. Please comment and favourite. I promise to respond to everyone's request. I will also do segments on very serious topics. #askKelly


1. Cutting

Now I'm starting this off with a very serious topic. CUTTING. This is a very dangerous, life threatening thing to do. I know that you have issues and problems, I get it. But so do we and I get that maybe your burden might be greater than mine and that we deal with our problems in our own way but cutting is not the answer.

Some of you cut because you're being bullied. But is what you're doing any better than what they're doing? They might hurt you emotionally, verbally or physically but does it really make sense to further your pain by hurting yourself? That just makes you a bully to your own body. And I know that it might feel great in the moment but you're only hurting yourself. Think about your future. Do you want your kids to see those scars? Do you want to cower away from any future guys that will show interest in you? Don't you want to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud?

Don't let them win. The people who want to destroy you will only be glad to see that you're destroying yourself without their help. Trust me, wouldn't you be happy to look at a scar free body after everything you've been through? Wouldn't you want to say that it built you and not break you? Cutting only hurts yourself and as an onlooker and a friend, I strongly suggest if you or anyone you know cut, please stop. Be strong and instead of hurting yourself, fight back in a dignified way.



This is my first post. Please feel free to talk your mind, whether you agree or not. If you do cut and you need a friend, you can always talk to me, lovely.  Any other topics you would like to see me talk about just suggest it and let me know. 

Thank you. I love you all. Goodbye for now :*

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