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7. Crushing on a guy who's taken?

Problem Definition: OK. I have a MAJOR issue at the moment. I like this guy BUT HE HAS A GIRL FRIEND! Oh yeah, his girlfriend is a super strong, over protective kinda girl.

OK firstly darling, I'm going to give you the safe, good advise. Find someone you can have as your own instead of crushing on someone who's taken. It never ends good for the person who is crushing, which in this case is you. It's better if you find a guy who's single to crush on because it saves a lot of heartbreak for you and the other girl.

Secondly, you said she's strong and overprotective which shows that she doesn't want to lose this guy so I recommend you be very careful with her. She could cause serious damage especially if her protectiveness is like obsession, that could really drive her to do anything to keep him.

Thirdly, maybe they're happy with each other because the fact that he's with her shows that he likes her so you going in might just embarrass you and you might get hurt. Remember, not because you like him means that he likes you too.

But if you really like this guy and you think he likes you too and you're willing to take the risk and go for him, then do it. However don't be the cause of the break up, no one likes that type of girl, if he's really into you, let him come to you. Don't throw yourself at him and don't push it in her face. Remember she has feelings too but don't befriend her because that's just wrong. You're not there to be a friend to her, that's just misguiding her and she'll hurt even more. Don't friend the enemy, even though she's not really the enemy, but she's not an alley. So if he's worth it then I say go for it but be careful, nobody wants their ass whooped by a pissed off girlfriend and if she's as strong as you say, I'd be a tad bit scared, unless he's strong and can protect you.

I hope this helps.

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