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This is just a place where I will talk about things you request through a comment, a mention or a mumble. I will give you advise and I will do book reviews if you want. You only have to request your story, poem, topic or whatever you want. Please comment and favourite. I promise to respond to everyone's request. I will also do segments on very serious topics. #askKelly


9. Book Review: X Factor changed my life by Emily T0mlins0n & Jay Everdeen


The book X Factor changed my life is a Fan Fiction written in the first person narrative perspective with Emily being the name of the main character, along with Louis Tomlinson. It's starts out with them auditioning for the X Factor and develops to a point where they were put in groups. It reaches the stage where Emily's group is eliminated from the show.

The story is a little different from the regular One Direction Fan Fiction. I may be a bit biased, because I myself am a Crazy mad Directioner, but I like the plot and there is a really great response from the readers so far. People love it and I think you might too.

But don't let me judge the book or you. Go check it out and let the author know what you think about her writing. She really wants the feedback, so leave a comment and like and favourite to show how you feel about it.

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