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22. Book Review: Ripped by Storm-Wolf

I just took the time out to check out this lovely story 'Ripped' by Storm-Wolf and can I tell you, it's beautiful. From the mysterious atmosphere described to the intriguing actions, the book leaves you wanting more. 

The book is about a girl named Rose and her friend Jack. It starts out with him and her taking a walk in the town of London where she basically creates this air of mystery and death around the town saying that anything can happen there and that nothing surprises her she makes mention on how often death occurs there. She makes reference to the different dead things around her and she speaks alot about death which one could say is a foreshadowing device.

Firstly, I have to make a comment on the very fitting book cover and the detailed descriptions. The author covers all senses from smell, to touch, to taste, to ears and to sight, she gives you a feel of the entire situation. It's like you're almost there and everything is happening to you. I heard the screams, I felt the tension, I felt her pain, I saw the blood. She writes the setting to reflect the mood and predict what is going to happen, what is coming.

Secondly, the plot is amazing. She has only five chapters so far but was immediately dragged into the book. It's like she held on to me and refused to let go. The plot is so wonderful, it stirs your thought and creates this great excitement within you to make you wonder what is going on, what will happen next, what the hell is Jack and what is he up to? What is she going to do?

Guys, you have to check out the book!!! It is a MUST read. I love her for thinking of this idea and creating this story. Hats off to her because I think she is a talented and great writer. Her story to me so far is BEAUTIFUL and I'm really curious to know how this is going to end but check it out yourself and make your own judgements.

Here is the link(or you can search the title):


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