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23. Book Review: Dawn of The Soldier

Hey guys!!!

So I just read the first seven chapters of this wonderful story entitled 'Dawn of The Soldier' by Infinite_Exho and it was rather intriguing. It is a fantasy book that creates a mysterious setting, giving you only a taste and making you crave more.

Firstly, the book is centered around a kingdom named Anara. The princess, Cerelean, is the first character we get the chance to meet and she sets the tone for the story. We see her having some internal conflict as she worries about something happening and everyone suffering because they refused to believe her. She is out in the woods avoiding going to a party held by her father, when he discovers her and takes her back to the castle. Just before she goes to bed she finds her Kingdom beneath her burning and then later discovers her father dead just before her tells her to avenge his death. This is what leads to the rest of the plot as she later decides to disguise herself as a boy to train to go to war.

The book cover is beautiful and suits the story very much. The author uses a lot of descriptions and more internal thought to tell the story than actual conversation. The plot is very detailed and is much more than your regular story as the princess tries to maintain her duties to the kingdom as well as her promise to her father. With all the war, pain, death and blood in this story it grabs the attention of the readers from the very beginning.

Join the author on her journey to find out what happens with princess Cerelean; whether or not she gets discovered, whether or not she avenges her father's death, whether or not she is strong enough to do this all. Trust me, you have to check out this book!! It is amazing!!!

Here is the link but most likely you will have to search up the title:

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