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This is just a place where I will talk about things you request through a comment, a mention or a mumble. I will give you advise and I will do book reviews if you want. You only have to request your story, poem, topic or whatever you want. Please comment and favourite. I promise to respond to everyone's request. I will also do segments on very serious topics. #askKelly


5. Book Review: Breaking Free by Cambie The Snow Queen

Wow. I just read the first two chapters of a lovely book called breaking free. The name of the book itself is intriguing and it seems to suit the book. It reminds me of Divergent and boy did I love that show. It's definitely different of course. It's written in a third person perspective, with the main character being Gabrielle.

According to the start, it seems to promise a lot of action and surprise and definitely cliff hangers. I'm sure there will be a love story in the mix. There's also a certain mysterious mood to the book. I love it so far and I'm sure you will too which is why I strongly recommend you read the book. Readers are already going crazy, like myself, and begging for updates.

Trust me, you're in for a hell of an interesting book. That's definitely the word I would use to describe the book, interesting. So head on over and fan the author, Cambie The Snow Queen, favourite the book, like it and leave loads of comments. If you loved the movie Divergent then I assure you, you will love Breaking Free. You need to check this book out.


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