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15. Being Confident with being Different

Problem Definition: I sometimes wear really strange things and no matter how hard I try, I let mean comments about my clothes get me down. What should I do?


Now I consider myself a very fashionable person and sometimes I do things differently, maybe not too strange but still different and if it's anything I've learnt about being different and setting trends, it's that you have to be CONFIDENT (Oh na na Oh na na She's confident...sorry I got carried away.)

Seriously though, learn to smile through the mean comments and let them know you like it and you only do things to please yourself and that you're okay with how you look and don't be afraid to flip a finger if someone gets rude and walk away. If you're going to dress different you have to be prepared for the negative criticism and not let it get to you.

The only thing that matters is your comfort. It's what you want to do. When people tell me they don't like something about me or something I have on I tell them I didn't ask for their opinion and that I don't care what they think.I tend to be a little big headed but it helps when you're extremely confident because nothing people say can affect you because you're okay with yourself .

People are always going to be mean and negative so ignore them unless you're a follower and just want to fit in. Continue being unique because it's those people that tend to make a difference. So flip a finger, roll your eyes, brush them what you need to to get them off your back. When they see that you're not affected by them anymore then they'll let you be but don't change to please anyone and most importantly be CONFIDENT.

Gosh I know this advice sucks and is short but there's nothing more to say and I really hope this helps!!!

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