Brittany Nicole Mellinger used to be the girl version of Louis Tomlinson and Josh Chomik. She used to laugh, talk, crack a joke, whatever she wanted whenever she wanted.

But after 11 trying months, she's called it quits. She will NOT be the bubbly girl she once was.

But once she gets invited to meet her "future husbands" with the thanks of her best friends, Sammi and Diana, she might return to her Louis and Josh like ways.

Or she might refuse the offer, even if her dreams will come true if she goes.


1. Connor Franta

This chapter is full of flashbacks and Britt talking to you the audience // thinking to herself. 


Why gosh. Sammi and Diana you people are like co-authors. Forget auditions, you two are hired. Hey. Thanks for being the best friends anyone could ask for.


Ya know, I remember being bubbly. Well... how could I forget, ya know? I am a memory freak.


I remember being the girl versions of Louis Tomlinson and Josh Chomik. I remember being bubbly, talkative, smiley, happy, cheerful, silly, etc. I remember being me.




 "Dani..." I typed into the Wattpad messenger.


"Yah?" she replied


"I'm not gonna be on for a while."I frowned as I typed. "I'm sorry."


After two minutes of no reply, I decided to text Sammi.


"Hey Sam."


"Hi!" she texted back


I managed a small smile. "I got some bad news." I frowned again


"Like what?" she asked, I could tell she was worried.


"I'm not gonna be on for a while. I'm sorry." And with that, I pressed "send." 


I held onto the home button and put my phone to sleep.


I sighed. Was this the right thing to do?




And I haven't talked to them since. Kinda sad isn't?


Oh my gosh. I sound like Connor Franta. OMC!


Sorry, back to my point.


Being me felt so good. I was confident in my personality, and that was it really. But my personality was mine and I owned it.


But now I'm ashamed of my old self and can't stand it.


So now I refuse to even speak.


It's sad. Such a happy-go-lucky girl met society, and she let it ruin her.


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