she looks so perfect - A Michael Clifford Story

This is the story of how I, lee met and fell in love with Michael Clifford xx


3. The Kiss

So yeah today was my second day as top of the school. YEAHHHH!! It was also my second day with Michael!!! So yeah this is how the day went.


I got up and then went next door to wake up Ryan and Lewis so they could get ready for school. I then went back into my room so I could get dressed and stuff. Once washed, dressed and make-up on I got my stuff for that day and put it into my bag grabbed my keys then ran down stairs.

Mum asked me "hey hun did u wake-up the boys?" I told her that I did and that they should be down soon but I left Lucy asleep. As I got a couple crackers out the packet my mum went into the living room and my dad came into the kitchen. "hey Lee remember you have to go to Ryan's after school and if your not doing so to text him so he knows" dad said. Ryan is my older brother who moved out at my age. He now lives with his friend Luke. I'd never met Luke but from what I'd heard he seemed nice. I told my dad it was okay and I'd be fine.

I got out the house and got into my car and drove down the street to Alesha's house to get her. As I took my phone out to call Alesha to tell her I was outside I got a text. It was from Michael. It was him asking if I could give him a lift to school cause he was to lazy to walk I obviously texted back saying I'd be there soon. By this time Alesha was just coming out her house and making her way to my car. when she got in I told her we were going to get Michael she was cool with it.

Once at Michael's he was outside waiting on us so when we stopped he was fast to get in so we could get to school.

Once at School Alesha said bye to us and went to talk to Andy. I went to go to the SFLU when Michael stopped me and said "what so your going to leave me?" I then told him I wasn't and that I was just going to the SFLU to tell them I was in that day. He asked if he could come with me I told him that he could come if he wanted. When we got up there Miss Morrison told us that 5th and 6th period we were going to have a party to welcome Michael to the SFLU. I remember when I had my party. I was still in my wheelchair and had no hair. yeah that's how much cancer affected my life. oh well I'm all good now.

When walking down the stairs I noticed that Michael was staring at me I turned round to face him and asked him "why are you staring at me Michael?" he replied with "sorry you are just so pretty I cant help myself" I thanked him and then he pointed out the fact he liked my necklace I just laughed and continued walking to out side the art department since that was were our registration class was.

When standing outside me and Michael started talking about my cancer and about his fame. I started crying when Michael asked my if it hurt cause yeah, yeah it did not physically but mentally Michael gave me a hug said sorry into my ear.

we looked each other in the eyes he lent in and kissed me I didn't hesitate to kiss back.



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