she looks so perfect - A Michael Clifford Story

This is the story of how I, lee met and fell in love with Michael Clifford xx


1. Lee O'Conner

Hey I'm Lee O'Conner. I am a 18 year old student at Perth High. I am part of a family of 7. In my family there is me(18), Kyle(20), Ryan(9), Lewis(4), Lucy (6 months) and then my mum and dad. I have only recently lost my papa and my whole family has taken a hit by it but I think it has affected me and my mum most. If you didn't realise by my picture I like to dye my hair a lot and I know I shouldn't because I have only just got some. I am a cancer teen which means I have won the battle of cancer. My family always have a lot on there plate but me I have a load more because of the age I am and all my friends having a boyfriend or girlfriend and me not having a boyfriend because of my cancer and all that but I cant wait for school to start so I can possibly get a boyfriend in my last year of high school. So yeah any way tomorrow I start school I cant wait to see every one and show off my new hair I just cant be assed with all the bullies so yeah




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