she looks so perfect - A Michael Clifford Story

This is the story of how I, lee met and fell in love with Michael Clifford xx


2. First day - outfit

So today was my first day back at school of my last year. I woke up and get dressed and ready then ran down the stairs to tell my mum to wake up Lewis, Ryan and Lucy. Mum followed me back up the stairs to wake them up. I went into my room and got my bag which only had my pencil case and a note book in it since I didn't have any jotters yet. I then went back down the stair and got a brunch bar and some money for lunch knowing I would have to pay my mum back. I then went into the living room said bye to my dad then grabbed my house and car keys plus my bag and walked out the door shouting bye.


I hopped into my car and then went round to my friend Alesha's to pick her up. she was standing outside ready for me coming. she then got in and started talking. She complimented my hair but I didn't make anything of it since hers was just amazing as always. we put on the radio and our favourite band came on,5 seconds of summer, we sang along the hole way to school.


when we got into school Alesha went to talk to her boyfriend Andy. I had to go up to the SFLU which helped me keep up on my school stuff since I'm off a lot. When I walked into the room Miss Morrison who was in charge of the SFLU was talking to a boy with Green hair. I said "oh hi sorry just thought to come up and tell you I actually came in today." Miss Morrison turned round and said "oh hi lee, that's good, this is Michael." she pointed to the green haired boy who then turned round.


I screamed. Miss Morrison explained that he had to take his last year of school so he was coming to this school. She asked me to look after Michael and show him round, I knew Michael was in 5sos and he now knew I loved them. When me and Michael were walking down the stair to wait for the bell to go to registration he asked me why I was in the SFLU so I told him this.

"I was diagnosed when I was 7. I had a lot to deal with but I bet Cancers but and am totally okay now but miss a lot of school so I go there for support."

Michael then just hugged me and whispered in my ear " you have had it hard, you are to beautiful to have had to deal with that"

I pulled away and smiled at him.


I sat next to him In all of our classes and even ended up giving him and Alesha a lift home.


when I got home I took care of the boys and Lucy till mum and dad came home and then did homework and then just went on twitter.

Michael had followed me and then DM'd me him number.

I then fell asleep.


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