why me

hello this story is about a girl called jess who meets some very big youtubers
these are pewdiepie smosh danisnotonfire nd amazing phil they all fancy her but she must choose one of them who will she pick read to find out.


7. the hospital

phil had only been a coma for a day but it felt like months

i had brought my camera with me so i could video phils progress in getting better

''phil i hope you can hear me''i said''i miss you so much so does dan but if you can hear me i would love it if you told me why you did it  the cutting was it because of me and dan or the comments on your videos.''

hey guys/girls its jess here .so hows your life my pretty bad since you know phil and the sitution that happened hes getting better so thats about it oh and keep checking your email and google+

phil might wake up soon bye guys''

i shut off my camera and put it in my bag when suddenly a cd fell out i got my laptop and watched it

''hey jess i hope you watch this because i want you to know i love you but also to tell you what happened some of the comments got to me and i felt responsible for them so if you find me passed out leave me there my life is worthless hope you and dan stay together .'' he said at the end of the video. i started to cry.

*an hour later*

''jess ,jess wake up its phil''. i heard a voice say 

when i opened my eyes i saw phils hand clasped to mine 

''phil your awake what,how''i asked

''i heard you crying and i couldnt bear to see you upset''he replied

''phil can i tell you something i ..i love you more then i love dan'' i said nervously.

i love you jess''he whispered as he kissed me.

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