why me

hello this story is about a girl called jess who meets some very big youtubers
these are pewdiepie smosh danisnotonfire nd amazing phil they all fancy her but she must choose one of them who will she pick read to find out.


4. pewdiepie at vidcon

I wake up and check my phone its vidcon today I hammer on the wall to dan and phil I shout to them get ready we've got to get to vidcon.

-time skip to vidcon-

we walked through the crowds of people when suddenly i heard my name being called 

i ran over to them

''hey guys its cookiebuddy '' i heard a girl shout she had long black hair with purple streaks 

''i like your hair ''i told her as i signed peoples autographs

''thanks ''she said

i walked off after signing all the autographs 

then i found pewdiepie and tried to scare him he screamed and then notice i was standing behind him

''hey Felix'' i said

''omg is that you Jess'' he asked 

''yes it is ive changed a lot since i last had that Skype call'' i replied

''i know right look at you  you've changed your hair and your style''he told me as he put his arm around my shoulders .

''oh can i speak to you jess''he asked me taking me round the corner

''yeh felix''i said nervously

''jess i think i love you ''






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